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EV Connector Lengths and Colours

Choosing the right EV cable lead length is important. EVSE is Australia’s leading supplier of portable charging cables & EV charging leads. We recommend cables ranging from 4- 5 meters in length for convenience and mobility. Importantly more and more EV charging stations are being fitted with universal socket system in Australia which means having a portable EV lead is ideal for effective EV charging. EVSE can supply cables up to 12 meters in length and in a variety of colours. Contact us now for a custom EV cable.

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EV Connectors and EV Charging Cables

EV Connector Leads- Choosing the right cable

Before purchasing EV equipment it’s important to choose e-mobility products that suit your charging requirements. Choosing the right EV cable length is important and you need to ensure that the connector is compatible with your EV. Most EV drivers are noticing universal socket EV chargers being installed is as it allows EV users to bring their own cord to help charge their car. This prevents wear and tear of the infrastructure and makes it available to all EV’s on the road. Europe has seen a massive movement towards this form of public EV charging.

  • EV universal sockets chargers can charge at 22KW an hour which is equivalent to 140km/Hour This unit is preferred over slower chargers available which often only charge an electric car at 20km/Hour and can recharge a Tesla completely in about 3 hours.
  • Compatible with
    1. Japanese & USA Type 1 Connector EV’s
    2. Tesla Australia & European type 2 Connector  EV’s

Type 2 EV Connector Cable/ Leads (Mennekes Plug )

Type 2 connectors were originally designed in Germany in 2009 and have since become mandated in the European Union. They were designed to replace J1772 plugs and have since become the worlds leading form of Electric Vehicle connector. Current generation type 2 connectors can charge at 120kW making them essentially as fast as filling your vehicle up with conventional petrol. The connector has 7 pins which control the car’s charging:

CP: Control Pilot- Communications, used to relay data between the car and the charger about how much current is needed.

PP: Proximity Pilot. That makes sure you’re plugged in all the way.

PE :Protective Earth- Full current 6mm Round wire for increased safety.

N- Neutral

L1,2,3- For 3 Phase AC power

Car Guide: Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3, VW eGolf, Renault Kangoo

Type 1 EV Connector Cable/ Leads (J1772 Plug)

Type 1 connector leads were originally designed by the California Air Resources Board in 2001 becoming the predominate connector in North America and Japan. The maximum power delivered by this cable is 19.2kW. from 80A circuit and 240V which was adopted in 2009 by the major US and Japanese Automakers. The 5 pin connector:

CP: Control Pilot- Communications, used to relay data between the car and the charger about how much current is needed.

PP: Proximity Pilot. That makes sure you’re plugged in all the way.

PE :Protective Earth- Full current 6mm Round wire for increased safety.

L1- Single Phase AC power

L2/N- Line 2 AC power/Neutral

Car Guide: BMW i3, BMW i8, Mercedes Benz E-range, Volvo, Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Portable EV Charging Equipment in Australia

Most EV drivers require a portable charging cable for when they don’t have access to a charging station.  Portable EV chargers have many features which allows EV drivers to safely charge. A good portable EV includes:

RCD switch- Residual Current Device that provides a safety switch. Over-current protection, Temperature protection & from the wall socket protective earthing

A key feature of a quality EV charger is regulation of the charging current to ensure safe charging. It automatically determines current & regulation of temperature. This is important as you may leave your EV to charge overnight.

For the best results using an installed a wall mounted EV charging station is preferred. However, when traveling around Australia a high-quality portable EV charger can help keep your electric vehicle on the road.

6 EV Connector Care Guide Tips

1.Always store the cable in a dry place, never leave connected to the charging unit when not in use.

2. Use the weatherproof caps to keeps the ends of the plugs free of moisture

3. Ensure the plugs are clean and free from dust and water (damp)

4. Do not drive over the cable or plugs or drop the plugs.

5. There is a sensor under the latch on the J1772 (Type 1) EV connector if this is knocked out of alignment, the car will not know it is being charged.

6. Disconnect the plug by holding firmly on the handle & when not using make sure the cable is wrapped to avoid breaking of the internal cable of the connector

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  2. Install your EV Charger using our low fixed price installation package. Backed by our quality guarantee.

  1. Up to 15 metre run from the electricity meter & home EV charger.

  2. Industry leading 2-year replacement warranty.

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