Portable Electric Car Charging

Charge fast and charge safe, with our range of Australian certified portable electric car chargers suitable for all electric vehicles. Our range of portable electric car chargers are designed to be used at standard Australian 10amp domestic powerpoints, 15amp powerpoints, single phase and three phase industrial sockets which are often found at caravan parks, showgrounds and commercial properties.

All of our portable chargers are designed to meet the most strict safety standards, by incorporating quality materials along with temperature, overcurrent, overvoltage, electric leakage and short circuit protection to ensure a fast and safe charge which protects your family and your property. Backed by our industry leading 2 year warranty, choose Australia’s most trusted brand to support your portable charging needs.

Our Portable EV Chargers are available with either a Type 1 (J1772) or Type 2 (Mennekes) Plug to support all electric vehicles in Australia including Tesla, BMW, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia and others. From our 10amp range you can also select from our basic portable charger, a cost effective solution for those on a budget, or our premium portable EV charger, which adds greater visibility on the status of the charging session and fault feedback.

Our commercial range is designed for high powered charging on the road, allowing you to access single or three phase charging via industrial power outlets on your road trip or at your commercial property.