EV Accessories

EVSE Australia is the largest supplier of EV connectors, EV charging accessories, parking signs, parking stencils & charging stations. If you have any special requests please ask EVE and one of our friendly sales team can give you an answer within 24 hours.

Many business use an EV charger to promote their green credentials and use it in marketing to attract EV drivers. Add some colour to your chargepoint with some electric car accessories.

There are many Electric Car Accessories which you should consider in order to make your life driving an EV as convenient and carefree as possible. Our most popular Electric car accessories by far are our EV charging cables or leads. All EV drivers will carry the appropriate lead for their specific vehicle, to allow them to access and utilise the growing range of public EV chargers which have a Type 2 Mennekes socket. Another product in our range of electric car accessories which most EV drivers will carry is a portable EV charger. This electric car accessory allows EV drivers to trickle charge on standard 10a or 15a power points. Although this is relatively slow charging method, it is easily accessible in any home, workplace, hotel or public car park. We do have specific portable EV chargers for Tesla drivers which use a less common but more powerful 5 pin Clipsal plug allowing 22kW of fast charge which is unheard of. When people choose to install an EV charging station in their office, car park or even at home many will look at our range of electric car accessories, which promote the green credentials of the installer, help the station stand out and ensure that only EV drivers use the dedicated space. Our range of electric car accessories includes EV parking signs and EV parking space stencils, which will really help to finish off your project. EVSE Australia’s range of electric car accessories will ensure that you spend less time waiting and more time behind the wheel enjoying the driving experience of electric vehicles.