Credit Card EV Charging

Our best selling DC chargers plus an all-in-one payment terminal that accepts both open and closed-loop payments, including mobile.

Credit Card EV Charging

Recharge your business and your bottom line with charging solutions for customers and EV drivers.
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Most EV drivers visit locations that offer EV charging and make a purchase when charging at a retail location. While petrol stations can commonly be found, electric vehicle charging stations are still fewer in number than their demand. The demand is on the rise as more and more people become environmentally conscious and choose EVs as their primary mode of transport. Owning EV charging stations in such times presents a major opportunity to many businesses and government organisations.

Ocular’s credit card charger range is built to add a flexible and secure payment option for your customers.

With the integrated credit card module customers can pay for the charging session using a wide variety of cashless payments. With the credit card enabled Ocular chargers, all payments will be directly deposited you.

To start a charging session, the customer taps their card at the card reader and a pre-authorisation amount will be applied to the customer’s account. When the charging session is finished, the pre-authorisation money will be adjusted to the customer’s account so the correct bill will be deducted.

The Ocular IQ Tower and all Ocular DC chargers above 60kW can be ordered with the credit card module.

You have the power – configure all aspects of the billing, including:

  • Electricity rate
  • Pre-authentication quantity
  • Currency unit

You can monitor all apsects of the billing, including:

  • Transaction monitor
  • Alerts and event system
  • Machine management
  • Reports suite

Our Credit Card EV Charging Stations Include:

Industry-leading warranties as standard

Installation across Australia by accredited installers

Speak to an EV specialist & don’t compromise your service

Industry leading service-level agreements (SLAs)


No more apps. No more RFID cards. The entire credit card and compatible charger range come with the Exploren OCCP platform. Tap your credit or debit card to start and pay for charging. The Exploren Network is ideal for commercial installations where you want a no-nonsense and simple solution, with revenue generation capability.

  • Real-time management and monitoring of your EV charging network
  • Dynamic load management
  • Remote troubleshooting and fault recovery
  • Energy tracking
  • Data analytics

Nationwide EV Installation

What does this include?

  1. Customer is contacted within 24 hours of enquiry by EVSE to book site inspection

  2. Evaluate building supply & tailor cost effective solution by our expert team

  1. Install EV chargers in carpark with either a simple plug & play or managed solution

  2. Industry leading warranty with service agreements available to ensure safe long term use

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