Public EV Charging

Plug-in to the surging demand for electric vehicles by offering public charging

Attract, retain & monetise EV driving customers
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Use world leading smart charging technology to drive revenue to your business

  • Manage electricity supply & usage
  • Access & billing through the intelligent smartphone app
  • Online OCPP web portal to easily manage
  • 2-year product warranty

Our EV Solutions are Trusted by Some of Australia’s Biggest Brands

Attract high-value customers who stay longer and spend more

Attract a new customer base to your business


Offering public EV charging is a great way to get access to a whole new customer base. Perfect for stops along highways, hotels and motels, and more!

Modern business is ultra-competitive, so why not get a clear differentiator for yours?

Business owners who advertise their new public EV chargers routinely report an increase in foot traffic and public perception.

Exploren Smartphone App

Control your public charger from anywhere in the world. Start, stop and pay for charge – all from the palm of your hand.

  • Navigate to your nearest available Charging Station
  • Pay for charging on-the-go
  • View your charging history
  • Charge session notifications

Public Charging Speeds

Offering the right charging speeds is the best way to make sure your public EV chargers are the right fit for both customers and your business

Trickle Charging (10km/hr)

Uses a standard power outlet, not recommended for non-residential charging

Fast Charging (40-120km/hr)

Locations where customers spend a few hours at can install multiple low-cost public chargers (e.g. workplaces, shopping centres)

Rapid Charging (300km/hr+)

Supply rapid charge speeds to customers on the go with larger DC charging stations. Best for use along highways and where customers stop and charge very briefly


If you’re using “Fast Chargers” (AC Charging at 40-120km/hr), you’ll need to choose between universal and tethered options. Universal chargers require users to bring their own cable and use it to connect their EV to the charger, while tethered chargers have a Type 2 Cable attached as standard, which can charge most EVs in Australia (including Tesla).

DC Chargers however will always come with their own cables. This is because they supply huge amount of power and as a result are extremely heavy compared to standard cables.

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