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The Fronius Wattpilot / Go / 22kw  + 22kW Type 2 Charging Cable

Bundle and save!!

Designed for you, to be detachable and portable. With a 3-phase 32A plug, this is the perfect transportable solution for when your out on a road trip or just want flexibility at home.

The Wattpilot’s advanced technology allows users to charge with 2 modes, Eco or Next Trip mode. This ensures you are always charging the most sustainable way but you are always ready for your next adventure.

Type 2 EV Cable between the electric car and universal charging station. Compatible with all public charging networks.

  • Power:  22kW Three Phase (up to 140km of driving per hour of charge)
  • 5 metre cable
  • Premium Lightweight Heavy Duty Cable
  • 2 Year Replacement Warranty – Industry Leading
  • Easy Plug & Play Using the Fronius Wattpilot is as easy as child’s play – just plug it in and start charging.
  • Smart Charging As a PV system owner, you can trust Fronius for intelligent charging. The Fronius Wattpilot utilizes your surplus solar energy whenever available or seamlessly switches to mains power when needed. This ensures a smooth charging process while efficiently powering your entire household.
  • User-Friendly Control Experience convenience at your fingertips with the Fronius Solar.wattpilot app. Easily control both versions of the Fronius Wattpilot through a simple button on the device or your smartphone/tablet. Customize settings to match your personal preferences securely.
  • Secure and Managed Access With the Fronius Wattpilot, you can create up to 10 user profiles, and access is secured through RFID chips or cards, safeguarding against unauthorized use, even in public spaces. This feature also offers detailed tracking of charging data for each user.
  • Seamless Integration Attention to all PV system owners! The Fronius Wattpilot seamlessly integrates into the Fronius Solar.web app, providing real-time visibility into your entire PV system’s components and empowering you to efficiently control your self-generated solar energy.
  • Versatile Compatibility No matter which electric car you drive, the Fronius Wattpilot is your ideal choice. This Fronius charging solution is compatible with all car makes and remains ready for use even if you decide to switch to a different vehicle.

Integrating the Fronius Wattpilot into Solar.web is a breeze, offering a comprehensive overview of your energy usage.

Contact your installing technician in the first instance. They need to fix your Fronius installation and have resources including Fronius technical support available 9am to 7pm AEST for technical enquiries from electricians.


Eco mode

The preferred mode for PV system owners. It ensures that the vehicle is charged – if available – with self-generated solar power or the cheapest mains current.

Next trip mode

Next Trip Mode is for those who want to reliably charge their electric car to cover a specific journey – a certain number of kilometres – by a specific time. The Fronius Wattpilot reliably and intelligently charges the required amount. If available, surplus PV power from your own PV system is used or the cheapest mains current.


  • Max charging power: 22kW
  • Mains connections: 3-phase plug 32 A (AU) 30cm incl. neutral conductor
  • Nominal voltage: 400/415
  • Nominal current: 6-32 A
  • Grid frequency: 50
  • Charging socket: Type 2 infrastructure with mechanical lock
  • Residual current device: 20 mA AC, 6 mA DC integrated in device
  • Supply line cable cross- section: min. 6
  • Warranty terms – 2 years ACCESS WARRANTY INFORMATION HERE 


Type 2 EV Cable 32A 22kW- Cable between the electric car and charging station for E-Mobility – Compatible with all EV’s with a Type 2 port

  • Robust construction and silver plated contacts assure a reliable connection.
  • 3-Phase, 32Amp
  • IP54 weatherproof with ergonomic handles makes the EV Charging leads easily stored
  • Type 2 plug at the vehicle, Type 2 at the charging station
  • The Mennekes cable is suitable for Type 2 vehicle inlets and connects charging stations with Type 2 Infrastructure Socket Outlets
  • 2 Year replacement warranty
  • Built to last for over 10,000 mating cycles
  • 5m length
  • TUV certified cable and connectors meeting Australian and European standards
  • Compatible with all-electric vehicles and models including: Audi, BMW, BYD, EQC, Holden, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, KIA, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, MG, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan 2018+, Polestar, Renault, Rivian, TESLA, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo and more.
  • Known as a Mode 3 Charging cable in Europe or Level 2 charging cable in the USA.
  • Works on both single and three phase universal charging stations.


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