Fleet EV Charging

Future proof and scalable charging solutions for your growing EV fleet Easy to use. Simple to manage


  • Fast chargers can be used by every EV on the market
  • A fully tailored and turnkey solution built around your needs
  • Account management and tailored support services
  • Capital purchase and lease options available
  • Installation from our fully qualified regional installers

Our EV Solutions are Trusted by Some of Australia’s Biggest Brands

Easy to use. Simple to manage.


  • Control your charger from anywhere in the world. Start, stop, and pay for charge – all from the palm of your hand.
  • Navigate to your nearest available charge point
  • Monitor fleet electricity consumption
  • View your charging history and account for energy used across locations
  • Easily add new drivers
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Cost-effective deployment. Futureproof.

Dynamic load management avoids the need for costly upgrades using the building’s energy infrastructure, saving you money.

Our smart charging solutions are designed to be continuously installed over time, making installing multiple charge points super cost-effective.

As your fleet grows so can your charging stations.

The complexity of fleet charging demands a more sophisticated and fit for purpose solution


  • Integrated approach with scaleable charging solutions
  • Software that can link over 40 different EV charging brands
  • Smart charging to help decrease deployment costs
  • scheduled and manged solutions to charge when electricity is cheapest
  • Maintenance and service level agreements to ensure uptime and fleet schedules

Charge 360- How to make EV charging easier for a Fleet operator. 

One of the most challenging aspects of electric vehicle ownership is replicating the ease of tracking a vehicles consumption and use. This comes about from electric vehicles having the ability to plug in just about anywhere, from a domestic power point to a rapid DC charger.

The Exploren network provides is the innovative workplace and home charging link. Since most charging is done either at home or at work, Exploren can intelligently track charging data across locations for even easier fleet management.

Nationwide EV Installation

What does this include?

  1. Customer is contacted within 24 hours of enquiry by EVSE to book site inspection

  2. Evaluate building supply & tailor cost effective solution by our expert team

  1. Install EV chargers in carpark with either a simple plug & play or managed solution

  2. Industry leading warranty with service agreements available to ensure safe long term use

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