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Future-proof and scalable EV charging solutions tailored to your business operation. Big or small discover how we support more Fleets with their transition to a more sustainable future.

The Perfect EV Charging Solutions for your business

EVSE is committed to delivering comprehensive EV charging solutions with a strong focus on environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility. Our offerings encompass a complete package, featuring cutting-edge hardware, intelligent software, professional installation, and ongoing support, all customised to align with your organisation’s sustainability goals.

Achieve your carbon emissions targets while promoting sustainable practices, proudly showcasing your commitment to environmentally conscious operations.

Our commitment extends to personalized account management and tailored support services, ensuring a superior and hassle-free experience for your business. Elevate your sustainability initiatives with EVSE’s unparalleled EV charging expertise.

Fleet EV Charging Features

  • Our AC and DC chargers can be used by every EV on the market
  • A fully tailored and turnkey solution built around your needs
  • Account management and tailored support services
  • Capital purchase and lease options available
  • Installation from our fully qualified regional installers
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EVSE x Canterbury Bankstown Council 

The electric vehicle (EV) industry in Australia is experiencing rapid growth and development, and Canterbury-Bankstown Council is keeping up. Starting in 2018, the council has made significant strides, and they now boast chargers installed at five different locations, with plans for a sixth site soon. In order to support their fleet’s fast-paced growth and increasing demand for EV charging infrastructure, Canterbury-Bankstown Council sought a reliable Australian-based EV solutions provider. EVSE Australia proved to be the perfect fit for the council’s needs, by offering efficient and timely solutions. Thanks to the availability of hardware supply and the speed of deployment, phase one of the EV charging project was successfully completed in less than two weeks. This quick implementation allowed the council to swiftly integrate charging infrastructure at multiple locations, aligning with their commitment to sustainable transport and clean energy initiatives.

Expertise and partnership that put you ahead

EVSE’s pre-sales consulting and ownership support helps make more of your EV fleet. From planning initial and future charging needs and space to load management energy cost efficiency and vehicle utilization.

We treat every business relationship as a partnership, not a transaction. Choosing EVSE is an intelligent business decision based on value for money today and value created over every kilometer travelled.

The complexity of fleet charging demands a more sophisticated and fit for purpose solution

  • Integrated approach with scaleable charging solutions
  • Software that can link over 40 different EV charging brands
  • Smart charging to help decrease deployment costs
  • scheduled and managed solutions to charge when electricity is cheapest
  • Maintenance and service level agreements to ensure uptime and fleet schedules

How to Succeed with Fleet Electrification

This white paper will guide you through key concepts that help effectively electrify your fleet.

What’s inside:

  • • Industry background
  • • State of EV adoption in the Australian fleet market
  • • What’s driving fleet to transition to EV?
  • • Challenges that fleet operators have to face when going electric
  • • Key factors to succeed with EV transition
Whitepaper Mockup

The perfect EV charging solutions for Fleets of all types and sizes

To succeed in electrification, it is important to leverage industry experience, take a holistic approach, and utilize expertise when selecting partners, Finally it is critical to have a plan for ongoing site operations and maintenance while also staying agile to adapt in this dynamic and rapidly evolving market. EVSE has been at the forefront of EV changing since our inception in 2015, we understand the unique charging requirements of electric light-, medium-, and heavy-duty fleets. We work with you to customize solutions that maximize operational performance and future proof your electrification plans as you scale. To learn more, contact our experts or download our Fleet Solutions overview below

Charging solutions tailored to your needs

We provide reliable and tailor-made
configurations that integrate into any
operation—keeping your fleet ready to go at all times. Our charging solutions provide you with everything you need in one place to easily manage your charging network.

Hassle-free operations

Maximise uptime and service life by leveraging our technical and managed services. Our inhouse technicians provide maintenance and support to help maximize the performance of your charging stations and avoid interruptions.

Future-proof & Optimised

Our charging management services ensure your
stations are always up to date while keeping
costs low by reducing peak load and charging
when electricity is cheaper. As your charging
needs evolve, our solutions evolve with you.

EV Fleet Management Software

Easy to use, simple to manage

Easy, intelligent, and insightful. Our charging management software
lets you track, manage, and optimise EV charging for your fleet.

  • Control your charger from anywhere in the world. Start, stop, and
    pay for charge – all from the palm of your hand.
  • Navigate to your nearest available charge point
  • Monitor fleet electricity consumption
  • View your charging history and account for energy used across
  • Easily add new drivers

Cost-effective deployment. Futureproof.

Dynamic load management avoids the need for costly upgrades using the building’s energy infrastructure, saving you money.

Our smart charging solutions are designed to be continuously installed over time, making installing multiple charge points super cost-effective.

As your EV fleet grows so can your charging stations.

Charge 360- How to make EV charging easier for a Fleet operator. 

One of the most challenging aspects of electric vehicle ownership is replicating the ease of tracking a vehicles consumption and use. This comes about from electric vehicles having the ability to plug in just about anywhere, from a domestic power point to a rapid DC charger.

The Exploren network provides is the innovative workplace and home charging link. Since most charging is done either at home or at work, Exploren can intelligently track charging data across locations for even easier EV fleet management.

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EVSE believes in a green sustainable future by delivering the latest EV Charging technology at the lowest price. All our work is certified and guaranteed with the backing of global brands.

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