Powering the EV revolution

EVSE has been quietly enabling the early adopters and building towards the large scale change that we are all about to make. We’ve developed and selected chargers for every household, business and commercial need.

The leaders in EV charging

EVSE has been at the forefront of EV charging since our inception in 2015. It’s a status we’ve worked tirelessly to earn and maintain.

Being a leader requires us to be constantly in tune with the fast-paced development of electric vehicles and the technologies that keep them moving. It means we continuously learn, innovate and adapt our EV charging technology. We stay in front so you can make the most of advances. Plus, we always strive to stay ahead of your expectations with easy to use, high performance and value-for-money technology and solutions.

Our ability to stay ahead is why residential customers, fleets and EV manufacturers rely on EVSE to keep their EVs moving.

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Deloitte Tech50 Afr Fast 100Apac High Growth

The world’s most advanced technology

Whether you’re searching for the ultimate in charging speed, advanced load capacity control, monetisation of a charging network, or low-cost overnight home charging, EVSE has you covered. Every charging product in our range uses state of the art technology that’s safe, compatible, and easy to use.

We’ve partnered with the CSIRO to develop load management technology. We’re continually developing new ways to optimise efficiency by sharing energy load across the grid and stored renewables.

EVSE charging solutions are approved and recommended by all EV manufacturers and energy providers.

When you buy an EV charging solution from EVSE, you know you’ll be using the best technology available -for your first and next EV.


Our Office and employees are powered by renewable energy

Electric Car Fleet

We live and breath electric vehicles with our own fleet of electric cars

Carbon Offsets

We've pioneered carbon offsets through our EV charging software

Growing our own Forest

We're planting trees with every sale. Our only footprint should be the EV charger on your wall

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EVSE believes in a green sustainable future by delivering the latest EV Charging technology at the lowest price. All our work is certified and guaranteed with the backing of global brands.

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