November 03, 2023
Explore the EV Charging Journey with EVSE and Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park
Discover how Sheraton, a renowned 5-star hotel in the heart of Sydney, is evolving with the times. Founded in 1937, Sheraton is committed to sustainability and aims to reduce its environmental footpri...
August 11, 2023
Check out the Ocular Roam Portable DC Charging Station!
Welcome to our comprehensive guide on using the Ocular Portable DC Charging Station! We dive deep into the world of efficient and convenient EV charging. Our portable DC charger is a game-changer, off...
August 01, 2023
Smartest portable charger in Australia? | Smart Portable Type 2 Charger | Overview
Looking for a smart and portable solution for your electric vehicle? Say hello to our Smart Portable Type 2 EV Charger! This premium lightweight cable is designed to make charging your EV easier no ma...
July 19, 2023
EVSE Australia powering up Canterbury Bankstown Councils Local Government Fleet
EVSE Australia has partnered with Canterbury Bankstown Council to power up their fleet of passenger vehicles. Having first partnered in 2019, EVSE has provided a scalable EV charging solution that has...
July 19, 2023
EVSE & Sixt Partner up to power electric vehicle rentals
EVSE Australia, a leading end to end EV charging solutions provider has partnered with Sixt Rental Cars to power their transition to an electric vehicle fleet. ...
July 19, 2023
AutoNexus and EVSE EV Charging Partnership
Discover the exciting partnership between AutoNexus and EVSE. Watch this video to learn how AutoNexus has embraced sustainable transportation by incorporating EV charging infrastructure across their f...
May 10, 2023
Learn about Ocular’s new product – Ocular IQ Solar
Sam Korkees, Co-Founder of EVSE, presents the Ocular IQ Solar, the world’s first smart home EV charger to combine solar charging, load management, and app-based controls in one package. The Ocul...
May 10, 2023
Best portable charger in Australia? | Kwik Portable Type 2 Charger w/ adjustable tails
Looking for a portable EV charger that is both convenient and efficient? Look no further than the Kwik Portable Type 2 Charger with adjustable tails! This innovative charger is designed to make electr...
April 26, 2023
Portable Charging Guide | Charging Your EV at Home!
Do you have an EV? Want to know how to charge it? ⚡ Sam answers your questions in this guide on Portable Charging for electric vehicles. Included is the 15Amp Portable Charger and the KWIK Portable Ch...
April 26, 2023
The Ultimate Guide for EV Charging Cables
Whatever EV you’ve purchased, it pays to know which cables you need to access the full network of Australian charging stations. Most EV drivers are noticing universal socket EV chargers being in...
April 26, 2023
Everything you need to know to charge the KIA EV6 in Australia
Here is a quick overview of how you could charge the KIA EV6 from AC and DC public charging stations. ...
April 26, 2023
EVSE Case Study – Camden Council
Our Plug In project, accomplished with the Camden Council, has been an incredibly enriching experience. EVSE is immensely passionate about sustainable living, and it’s been lovely working with t...
April 26, 2023
EVSE Brand Story
EVSE is the product of two Australian entrepreneurs with a vision to accelerate a sustainable future. EVSE entered the EV Charging market when there weren’t many EVs to charge. We’ve put our tim...
April 26, 2023
2022 AEVA EV EXPO EVSE Australia
It was great to present and be involved in the 2022 AEVA EV Expo held in Canberra, ACT. EVSE Australia was on hand to provide expert advice and knowledge to the large crowd, interested in learning mor...
April 26, 2023
Transport for NSW EV Charging Deployment by EVSE Australia
EVSE Australia has recently delivered a turn key EV charging deployment for Transport for NSW at their Macquarie Park office. We delivered 19 Ocular IQ Commercial EV chargers and a smart Load Controll...
April 26, 2023
How EVSE Australia helps businesses plan their EV charging infrastructure from start to finish
Are you looking for a Commercial EV Charging solution to suit your business EV fleet? This video will show you how EVSE’s business-grade process covers planning to completion. Whether you’...
April 26, 2023
EVSE partnered with LDV
EVSE is honoured to partner with LDV Automotive Australia Australia in providing greener options for its clients and dealerships, starting with the launch of the EDeliver9. It brings a long-awaited ze...
April 26, 2023
EVSE partnered with Disney Studios Australia!
EVSE is proud to announce our successful partnership with Disney Studios Australia to support the adoption of electric vehicles for all studio partners. This project is a part of the Studio’s greater ...

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