Retractable EV Cable Holder


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Keep your home and business looking neat and tidy with our retractable cable management solution for EV cables

  • Convenient Installation: With a simple screw in the wall design
  • Excellent Function: Prevent cable from laying on the floor
  • Helps you manage your charging cable hassle-free, leaving your space neat and tidy
  • The EV cable holder prevents EV cable from being kinked or tangled
SKU: OC-Retract

For use as a stand-alone storage option for your EV charger cables to keep everything clean and importantly off the ground.

  • Long cables can be easily be kept off the ground
  • Cables are kept clean and tidy
  • Reduced risk of tripping or running over your cable
  • Compatible with AC charging cables 7kW and 22kW EV cables
  • Not compatible with DC charging cables

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