DC Charging

DC charging for your Electric Vehicle is the closest thing to re-fuelling a tradition vehicle. DC charger speeds will range from 20kW – 350kW. There are 2 plug types being used in Australia. CHAdeMo: Used by Japanese vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf & Mitsubishi CCS2: Used by all other brands.

DC charging is needed for vehicles that are heavily used and require a rapid charge.

This includes electric trucks, electric cabs and charging stations in remote areas. These chargers can power your vehicles in 30 minutes to an hour, but require a large power demand. These chargers can power any DC vehicle available on the market. The 10 and 25kW chargers can turn your three-phase power into a rapid DC charger. Our DC chargers come in 10kW (60km/h) 25kW (125km/h) 50kW (280km/h) 175kW (500km/h) 350kW (1000 km/h)