Hyundai Charging Stations and Accessories

EVSE Australia is the leading supplier of Hyundai Charging Stations and Cables, by providing Hyundai drivers with flexibility and confidence through our large product range, industry leading warranties and on-going customer support. Backed by our price beat guarantee EVSE Australia aim to make it simple for EV drivers to discover the benefits of EV ownership. If you have any questions simply call the team at EVSE on 1300 40 62 10 or email us Learn more about Hyundai electric car charging here.

Hyundai has proven to be one of the most popular electric vehicle brands in Australia with the release of their Ioniq and Kona range given the choice and flexibility of these vehicles at a more affordable price point. The Hyundai Ioniq and Kona have also become mainstays in many of the countries electric fleets, often being selected by local councils beginning their journey to an all-electric vehicle fleet. More recently Hyundai have announced that the Ioniq name will transition to represent their entire electric vehicle brand, hailing the way for several new electric models due to arrive in the coming years.

Hyundai EV Charging Stations

  • High quality low profile charging station
  • Single & Three Phase
  • Fixed or detachable EV Cable
  • European Manufactured
  • Market Leading Warranty – 3 Years.
  • Nationwide fixed price installation

Hyundai Portable Charging Stations

  • Lightest Weight cable on the market
  • Longest Warranty on the market – 2 Year Warranty
  • Basic or Premium options
  • IP66 Waterproof with ABS materials for strength
  • Auto charge recovery & Over current protection for safety

Hyundai Charging Cables

  • Lightest Weight cable on the market
  • Longest Warranty in the market – 2 Year Warranty
  • Premium Construction
  • Robust construction and silver plated contacts assure a reliable connection.
  • IP54 weatherproof with ergonomic handles makes the EV Charging leads easily stored