Ocular Load Controller

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The Ocular Load Controller is a comprehensive form of advanced dynamic load management. The system monitors available site power in real time and dynamically adjusts the charging rate of the connected chargers in response. This protects the sites switch board while maintaining the highest charging speed possible and allows for more chargers to be installed than would otherwise be possible.

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Main Features:

7174210 Switchboard Protection: Protect your electrical infrastructure while achieving the highest charging speed possible

7174222 Charger Capacity: Capable of managing up to 250 Ocular chargers

Integrated Cable Holder Real Time Readings: Reads and calculates available power in real time using measurements from Current Transformer (CT) clamps

7174208Built To Last: IP66 rating designed for indoor and outdoor applications

  • Capable of 2 levels active load control
  • Works in conjunction with static load control
  • Compatible with all Ocular smart chargers
  • Provides protection to your switch board
  • Load control up to 250 chargers per level


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  • Ocular Load Controller Datasheet

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