The world largest car company aims to make electric versions of all its vehicles by 2025. In 2021 they aim to bring out the RAV 4 Plug in hybrid, to join the Prius F plug in hybrid on their EV range. The RAV 4 will be a massive hit with Toyota fans, as it has the second fastest acceleration of any Toyota vehicle. This allows the consumer to enjoy the off-road capabilities of the RAV 4, whilst enjoying the efficiency and the mobility of an electric vehicle. If you have any questions simply call the team at EVSE. 1300 40 62 10 more….

Toyota EV Charger
Why choose EVSE Australia for your new Toyota EV Charger?

  • 10x times faster than a regular outlet (depending on model).
  • Universal EV chargers so you can charge any EV in Australia
  • Simple to use. Easy to install for both the Toyota Prius-F and the RAV 4 Plug in Hybrid
  • Comes with different power capacities, diverse lengths of cables, and handy cable holders.
  • Ensures low maintenance thanks to durable, modular designs.
  • EVSE has the largest range of EV chargers and cables to get your Toyota on the road faster.

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