ACT Government Expands Electric Vehicle Fleet

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The ACT Government has partnered with EVSE to expand their EV fleet and continue their push to Net Zero Emissions

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government has an ambitious target of net zero emissions by 2045. The Government has deployed an additional 17 EV chargers across 3 different locations for their internal fleet. The ACT Government fleet is nationally recognised as the largest zero-emissions fleet in Australia with more than 140 zero-emissions vehicles.

The biggest challenge was the limited existing electrical supply to the car park. EVSE had to employ advanced load management technology at each location to facilitate electrical vehicle infrastructure. EVSE Australia was contracted to provde a turn key solution for all these sites, including the supply & installation of the EV charging hardware as well as the installation of the backbone infrastructure (power supply & communication source) for these chargers. Importantly the system can be scaled in the future without any disruption. As part of the work, our installation team conducted some site inductions to evaluate the building’s power supply as well as the capability to deploy EV chargers at each site.

The whole project was scheduled and finished within 21 days within budget and ontime. EVSE will continue to expand the EV charging system as the ACT Governments fleet grows to meet their sustainability mission.

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