Powering up Canterbury-Bankstown Council

EVSE and Canterbury-Bankstown Council partnership for long-term sustainability

EVSE Australia powering up Canterbury Bankstown Councils Local Government Fleet

Canterbury-Bankstown (CB) Council, located in New South Wales and stands as the most populous local government area in the region has partnered with EVSE to provide EV Charging. Committed to environmental sustainability, the council cares deeply about enhancing the residents’ quality of life while protecting the environment. To achieve this vision, the council has implemented several successful and ongoing environmental initiatives. One ambitious goal of the council is their evidence-based approach to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 in response to the challenges posed by climate change. As part of this effort, the council took an important step by integrating electric vehicles (EVs) into its fleet in 2018, creating the need for a reliable and scalable charging infrastructure to support the transition provided by EVSE.

Why did Canterbury-Bankstown Council choose EVSE?

Canterbury-Bankstown City Council faced many challenges in selecting the most suitable solution to support their ever-growing electric fleet. Among these challenges, a seemingly straightforward yet critical issue was the requirement for chargers that could be installed in diverse locations. EVSE was able to provide a charging solution with the Ocular IQ Commercial paired with a heavy-duty Station Stand. This pairing presented a highly versatile solution that allowed the council to install charging stations wherever they were needed. This versatility proved to be a significant advantage compared to relying solely on wall-mounting options. The charging stations could now be strategically placed at various locations across the council’s area, ensuring convenient access to charging points for their electric fleet.

Our Solutions

The electric vehicle (EV) industry in Australia is experiencing rapid growth and development, and Canterbury-Bankstown Council is keeping up. Starting in 2018, the council has made significant strides, and they now boast chargers installed at five different locations, with plans for a sixth site soon.
In order to support their fleet’s fast-paced growth and increasing demand for EV charging infrastructure, Canterbury-Bankstown Council sought a reliable Australian-based EV solutions provider. EVSE Australia proved to be the perfect fit for the council’s needs, by offering efficient and timely solutions. Thanks to the availability of hardware supply and the speed of deployment, phase one of the EV charging project was successfully completed in less than two weeks. This quick implementation allowed the council to swiftly integrate charging infrastructure at multiple locations, aligning with their commitment to sustainable transport and clean energy initiatives.

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Budget constraints are a significant consideration for many Government entities, and Canterbury-Bankstown Council is no exception. Finding cost-effective solutions while maintaining quality and performance is crucial. EVSE Australia was able to meet the council’s needs by offering a comprehensive hardware range from Ocular Charging, providing a wide array of charging options across various price points.

Among the available choices, the Ocular IQ Commercial emerged as the ideal charging solution for the council. This charger stood out for its longevity and heavy-duty metallic construction, making it a perfect fit for high-traffic environments. Its durability ensures a reliable and long-lasting charging experience, making it a wise investment for the council’s expanding electric fleet.

Another significant advantage of the Ocular range is its modular design, which emphasizes repairability over replacement. This aligns perfectly with the Canterbury-Bankstown council’s commitment to becoming the ‘Wasteless Generation.’ Instead of discarding entire units, the Ocular chargers can be easily repaired and upgraded, minimizing electronic waste and contributing to a more sustainable charging infrastructure.


Recognising the dynamic nature of the EV industry and the potential for further advancements in technology and infrastructure, the council wanted a software platform that could adapt and grow alongside their fleet expansion. This requirement stemmed from their commitment to stay at the forefront of sustainable transport initiatives and ensure they remain future-ready.

The chosen software solution (Exploren) provided by EVSE Australia empowered the council with the ability to make changes and updates to their EV charging infrastructure as they saw fit. This flexibility allowed them to tailor the charging experience to meet the specific demands of their growing fleet and changing requirements over time.

By leveraging the software’s reporting functionalities, Canterbury-Bankstown Council was able to make data-driven decisions and develop well-informed strategies to improve the efficiency, reliability, and overall performance of their EV charging infrastructure. The software solution proved instrumental in supporting the council’s pioneering efforts and further solidified their position as leaders in the EV space, setting an example for other municipalities looking to embrace sustainable transport solutions.

In conclusion, Canterbury-Bankstown Council’s commitment to environmental sustainability and their proactive embrace of electric vehicles have set them apart as pioneers in the EV industry. With the support of EVSE Australia’s agile solutions, the council has successfully scaled their electric fleet and established a versatile charging network. Their data-driven decision-making and dedication to a wasteless approach reinforce their role as leaders in driving positive change. This collaborative effort serves as an inspiration for other government entities and communities, emphasizing the transformative potential of sustainable transport for a cleaner and more promising future.

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