IKEA Australia Charging Ahead with Complimentary EV Charging for Customers and Staff

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Ikea Australia has taken a significant step towards sustainability by introducing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at their Canberra store. As a global leader in promoting environmentally friendly practices, Ikea has been actively involved in accelerating the adoption of electric transport. They plan to transition to electric vehicles for last-mile home deliveries in several major cities, including Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and Shanghai. Demonstrating their commitment closer to home, Ikea Australia has pledged to use only electric vehicles for all operations and services by 2025.

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In collaboration with transport service providers like SEA Electric, Ikea Australia has begun rolling out electric vehicles for home deliveries and assembly services, with the aim of creating a better everyday life for many people. Building upon this initiative, the company has invested in EV charging infrastructure, Ikea Canberra has replaced their previous EV chargers with Ocular IQ Commercial units from EVSE Australia, which can provide charging times of up to 120km per hour. To ensure compatibility, customers will need to bring their own EV charging cable, allowing any electric vehicle on Australian roads to utilise the charging stations.

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The installation of EV charging stations in Canberra is just the beginning of Ikea’s plans. The company intends to roll out more charging stations at its furniture and homeware stores in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. This initiative aligns with Ikea’s “People & Planet Positive” plan, which aims to reduce the company’s environmental impact and promote sustainability.

Strategically located at the front of the store and clearly marked by fluorescent green paint and signage, these EV chargers are easily accessible to customers. Research suggests that the average Ikea customer spends approximately an hour and a half in the store, allowing for ample time to top up the charge of their electric vehicles. Furthermore, international data indicate that EV drivers tend to visit more frequently and stay longer, which can potentially boost revenue generation.

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Canberra was chosen as the initial location for the EV charging stations due to the high adoption rate of electric vehicles in the region and the ongoing support from the ACT government in promoting EV usage to achieve their net carbon emissions targets. By offering electric vehicle charging stations, Ikea Australia not only showcases its commitment to solar power in its stores but also enhances its green credentials and demonstrates environmental and social responsibility to the community.

Ikea is actively participating in the EV100 global initiative, which aims to promote the electrification of transportation and clean energy. Their investment and dedication to a cleaner future as part of the Australian store experience are commendable. For more information on EVSE Australia’s comprehensive range of electric vehicle charging stations, please contact their team at 1300 406 210 or sales@evse.com.au.

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