Building A Sustainable Workplace with EV Charging – Optus Australia Case Study

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Optus is embracing the energy transition in Australia, having installed 10 Ocular IQ Wallbox units to make it easier for its employees to drive electric cars, thereby reducing carbon emissions.

Optus introduces workplace charging for its employees

Optus is the second largest provider of telecommunication services in Australia who has deeply embedded their vision for sustainability in their culture and values. The company is working to improve the environmental performance of their operations by understanding, managing, and minimising their environmental footprint across their value chain. As such, Optus has introduced a new and attractive charging option for its employees who drive electric vehicles (EVs) at its campus in Macquarie Park.

“Having EV charging stations at your work or within your employee or visitor parking area, is a great way to ensure employees are given the opportunity to play their part in your company’s sustainability goals. It’s a worthy investment that is also attractive to existing and potential employees who may be wanting to make choices around their careers and which companies align with their personal values on environmental sustainability.” –

Electrification of parking spaces

The world is turning away from gasoline vehicles toward EVs as a response to climate change and environmental concerns around air quality. The main concern that most drivers have when switching to EV is the ability to charge up their vehicles just about anywhere they travel. Every business in Australia should now be considering how they can accelerate the transition to green energy by planning charging infrastructure roll outs. Many buildings are not yet ready for EV charging and the employees at Optus therefore had limited opportunities to recharge their electric cars during the workday. As more and more people began acquiring electric cars, the company realised that it was time to invest in a better charging infrastructure for their employees.

“Optus started small with only 2 chargers at our Optus Campus in Macquarie Park, being one of the few places in the local area that anyone could charge. As the popularity of EVs grew, our employees keenly took up the opportunity to switch from fossil fuels which meant we needed to supply more charge points in our employee car park.”

Optus is now equipped with 10 EV chargers

Optus went from 2 charge points to a modern charging system with 10 EV charge points utilising our Exploren – Charging Management software to track the energy consumption of these chargers as well as provisioning for future upgrade. EVSE Australia also makes sure that the chargers installed at Optus’s campus are scalable when the demands within Optus’s community increase in the future.

LEarn more about Optus Australia’s sustainability here

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