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Autonexus and EVSE Partnership


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AutoNexus and EVSE Australia commence commercial partnership to provide EV Charging technology to support AutoNexus vehicle fulfilment for electric vehicles. AutoNexus and EVSE Australia have partnered to support the shift to green electric mobility. Over 30 electric vehicle chargers have been installed at AutoNexus facilities across Australia to facilitate the company’s commitment to be the industry leader in electric vehicle (EV) fulfilment.

A roadblock to the mass adoption of electric vehicles lies in vehicle logistics, with the ability to charge multiple cars at scale as part of the delivery process posing a significant challenge to new and established OEM EV brands. To alleviate this concern, AutoNexus has proactively invested in a scalable and futureproof intelligent EV charging solution. Each facility has the ability to charge multiple EV’s using high powered 22kW systems that can be expanded as an OEM expands their vehicle offerings.

This partnership and installation of chargers across all AutoNexus sites marks a significant upgrade in the electric vehicle infrastructure of AutoNexus facilities and aligns with the company’s commitment to responsible business. The project will allow AutoNexus to continue to be the electric vehicle fulfilment partner of choice, providing crucial support for the impending growth of the electric vehicle market.

Darren Bowler, Managing Director AutoNexus, said: “Our partnership with EVSE and the installation of chargers across all our sites marks a significant upgrade in the electric vehicle infrastructure of AutoNexus facilities and ensures we are ready to support the growing electric vehicle needs of our current and future OEM partners.

“This proactive investment places AutoNexus in a unique position in the vehicle logistics market and ensures we are the partner of choice to support any brand’s electric vehicle requirements from the moment they arrive at our vehicle compounds.”

Sam Korkees, EVSE National Sales Manager, said: “EVSE is proud to support AutoNexus in their EV ambitions. AutoNexus believes in an electric future with a clear understanding of the growth in electric vehicles in Australia. From a business perspective it’s rare to work with such an organised and efficient company.

“We were able to coordinate a nationwide roll out in under three weeks and we hope to continue to work with AutoNexus as they move towards a clean energy future.”

For further information about the AutoNexus, please contact Chloe Fraser on 0466 434 192 or
For further information about EVSE Australia or for interviews, please contact Sam Korkees on 0402 693 243.

About AutoNexus

AutoNexus is the market leader in integrated, omni-channel automotive fulfillment solutions, offering bespoke services tailored to meet their customers’ needs, delivered with an unwavering focus on quality, expertise and exceptional customer service. With sites nationwide, AutoNexus is the premium fulfillment partner of choice for businesses across Australia. AutoNexus’ offering encompasses fleet conversions, refurbishment and maintenance in addition to vehicle logistics, parts warehousing, accessory fitment, aftermarket products, pre-delivery inspections and distribution and inventory management services for several of Australia’s leading automotive brands.

About EVSE Australia

EVSE Australia is Australia’s leading supplier of EV charging solutions for the residential, fleet and commercial market. Established in 2015, EVSE Australia envisages a future where everyday transport is electric, emissions-free, and sustained by a green charging infrastructure and smart software.

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