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Made by Tesla for Tesla’s. The Tesla destination charger is a compact high quality unit designed for everyday use. Characterised by it’s glossy sliver finish and long 7.4m cable. Plug in everyday for a fast charge. Once installed you can market your building as Tesla ready and take advantage of the innovative and marketing opportunities that come with the Tesla destination charger.

Great for the office, apartment or high traffic commercial applications

  • Designed & manufactured by Tesla
  • Warranty- 4 Years
  • Charging Speed – 22kW (120 km of driving per hour of charge)
  • Compatible with TESLA models only
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The world-famous Tesla destination charger / wall connector can be professionally installed by EVSE. Made by Tesla for Tesla’s. The Tesla destination charger is a compact high quality unit designed for everyday use. Featuring a glossy sliver finish and 7.4m long cable. Plug in everyday for a fast charge.

Please note that Tesla will need to supply the charger. We are happy to support you through the process of becoming a certified site.
Please visit the Tesla website to become a certified Tesla destination charging location.

  • 7 KW- 22kW, 32Amp, Single Phase or Three Phase w/ Configurable Power
  • Commercial grade
  • Supply Circuit- 230 Volts Single Phase or 400 Volts Three Phase
  • Compatible with Tesla vehicles only
  • Warranty- 4 years
  •  7.4m cable Length
  • Indoor and Outdoor Rated IP44
  • Robust, space-saving housing – D140 x W160 x H380mmHeight: 380 mm
  • Wall or pole mounted for convenience
  • Weight- 9 kg
  • Meets both European & Australian standards
  • Coloured LEDs indicate operating status
  •  CE Approval
  • -30°C to 50°C Operating Temperature

If you already have your Tesla Wall connector and would like it installed please call the EVSE team or visit our Residential EV Charger Installation page

The Tesla wall charger comes with 3 entry methods for installation which are determined by the location of the conduit

  1. Floor Conduit – Use the bottom entry configuration.
  2. Wall Conduit – Use the rear entry
  3. Top Conduit – From the ceiling consider the top entry however the bottom entry is preferred if there is any risk of water ingress. Please also use appropriate glads.

Keep this in mind when installing:
For your safety, the installation must only be carried out by a licensed and qualified electrician familiar with Australian industry standards, and is fully responsible for the installation. All our installations are carried out professionally with a guarantee on workmanship.

For more information on Charger times, speeds and general Tesla destination charger information click here

Additional information

Weight 9.0000 kg
Dimensions 155170350 cm


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