Empowering EV Adoption through the Charge-Up Grant

Evedon Lakeside Retreat's Charge-Up Grant Funded Project as a Beacon of Green Tourism

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EVSE Australia proudly collaborated with Evedon Lakeside Retreat in Western Australia to fulfill their operational need for an AC Dual-Port charger as part of the Charge-Up Grant. The project involved the supply of a cutting-edge 22kW Ocular Dual-Port Tower Charger along with the Exploren Software, creating a robust and user-friendly charging station. EVSE Australia’s project team assumed a central role in project management, overseeing the supply of both hardware and software components. The team conducted thorough tests to ensure seamless functionality and correct commissioning. Collaboration with local electricians was instrumental in achieving the desired outcome, emphasizing EVSE Australia’s commitment to a collaborative and community-centric approach.

Engineering and Design: Providing Information for Seamless Installation

Evedon Lakeside Retreat required an AC Dual-Port charger with specific features, including OCPP compatibility, dual-port functionality, billing capabilities, and robust construction suitable for Western Australia’s weather conditions.

Collaboration with Electricians: EVSE Australia provided crucial information to local electricians, ensuring the successful installation of the EV charging station and software. This collaborative effort ensured that the charging infrastructure met the highest standards of safety and performance.

Software Commissioning: The project encompassed the essential phase of software commissioning, where the Exploren charging platform was fine-tuned to meet the specific needs of Evedon Lakeside Retreat. This process ensured that users could seamlessly pay through the app and receive session overviews via email

Acknowledgments and Collaborative Partnerships:

The success of the Charge-Up Grant project was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Energy Policy WA, and Ocular Charging with EVSE. Government funding for electric vehicle chargers is crucial in the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. By investing in charging infrastructure, governments address key barriers to EV adoption, such as range anxiety, and encourage confidence among consumers and businesses to make the switch to electric transportation. This funding not only stimulates economic growth and job creation but also fosters innovation in charging technologies, contributing to the evolution of a more efficient and user-friendly charging network.

In conclusion, the collaboration between EVSE Australia and Evedon Lakeside Retreat stands as a testament to the successful implementation of sustainable and community-driven electric vehicle infrastructure. By fulfilling Evedon Lakeside Retreat’s operational need for an AC Dual-Port charger through the Charge-Up Grant, EVSE Australia demonstrated a commitment to cutting-edge technology and collaborative project management. The emphasis on OCPP compatibility, dual-port functionality, billing capabilities, and robust construction addressed the unique requirements of Western Australia’s weather conditions. This project not only contributes to the evolution of a cleaner and more sustainable transportation landscape but also serves as a model for future collaborations between the public and private sectors in advancing green mobility solutions.


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