Sustainable Mobility for Cambridge City Council

Powering the community of Cambridge, Western Australia

Background & Capability:

EVSE Australia has demonstrated its commitment to sustainable mobility through the successful deployment of charging infrastructure across Australia since 2015. Their extensive experience and partnerships with major entities like Amazon, RMIT, NRMA, and government bodies underscore their leadership in the industry. EVSE Australia demonstrates its expertise through its partnerships with local electrical infrastructure collaborators. The strategic use of these partnerships ensures efficient deployment, especially in regional areas where upskilling local electricians contributes to community development. Despite challenges like weather events and equipment lead times, EVSE Australia maintains an impressive delivery timeline of three to four weeks.

The Challenge & Solution

Cambridge City Council, a forward-thinking local authority in Western Australia, identified a critical need for an efficient and sustainable solution to power its internal fleet. The need was twofold – a robust AC Charger that could seamlessly integrate into their fleet operations and a sophisticated billing system to manage usage.

EVSE Australia stepped up to the challenge, providing a comprehensive solution that addressed the operational requirements of the Cambridge City Council. The project involved the supply and installation of a cutting-edge 22kW Ocular Dual-Port Tower Charger, paired with the advanced Chargefox Software.

Key Features of the Solution:

  1. OCPP Compatibility & Dual Port: The installed charger not only met but exceeded the Council’s expectations by being OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) compatible, ensuring seamless communication and interoperability. Its dual-port feature allowed concurrent charging, enhancing efficiency.
  2. Billing Capabilities: Recognising the need for accountability and resource optimisation, the charger was equipped with sophisticated billing capabilities. This feature not only facilitated internal fleet management but also set the stage for potential future expansion of services.


The successful deployment of the EVSE solution has empowered Cambridge City Council with a reliable and sustainable charging infrastructure for its internal fleet. The OCPP compatibility, dual-port functionality, and billing capabilities not only meet current needs but position the Council for future growth in its electric vehicle fleet.

With a project value of approximately $16,000 ex GST, the Cambridge City Council achieved significant value for money. EVSE Australia’s direct procurement approach streamlined the process, ensuring that hardware, software, and installation were seamlessly integrated, providing an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Looking Forward:

EVSE Australia’s partnership with Cambridge City Council showcases the company’s commitment to advancing sustainable mobility solutions. As electric vehicle adoption continues to grow, this successful case study sets the stage for potential collaborations in other regions and industries, highlighting the adaptability and scalability of EVSE Australia’s offerings.

In conclusion, the Cambridge City Council project stands as a testament to the successful collaboration between EVSE Australia and its clients, demonstrating the company’s capability to deliver cutting-edge EV charging solutions that meet the unique needs of local authorities and organisations committed to a sustainable future.


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