Electrifying Kwinana City Council

Paving the Way for Green Mobility in Kwinana


EVSE Australia, a leading solutions provider of EV Charging stations, took on the challenge presented by Kwinana City Council to supply and install a state-of-the-art 60kW Ocular DC Charger. The project aimed to address the operational need for a Rapid Fast charger with specific requirements, including OCPP compatibility, dual-port functionality, and the capability of billing. The Kwinana City Council identified the need for a Rapid Fast charger utilizing Direct Current (DC). This requirement stemmed from the growing demand for efficient and quick charging solutions in the area.

Engineering and Design: Full Turnkey Installation

Hardware Implementation: EVSE Australia executed a full turnkey installation, addressing every aspect of the project. This encompassed the installation of new cabling, circuit breakers, and conduit, ensuring that the electrical infrastructure was optimised for the high-performance charging station.

Software Commissioning: The expertise of the project team extended to the crucial software commissioning phase. Exploren Software Management was installed for this project. This involved configuring and testing the software components to guarantee flawless interaction between the charging station and the central management system. Ocular DC Charger’s advanced features were fine-tuned to meet Kwinana City Council’s specific requirements.

Outcome: Empowering Sustainable Transportation

The successful implementation of the Ocular DC Charger marked a significant milestone in Kwinana City Council’s commitment to sustainable transportation. EVSE Australia’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge EV charging infrastructure aligned seamlessly with the council’s vision for an eco-friendly and forward-thinking community.

Key Achievements:

  1. Reliable and Efficient Charging: The 60kW Ocular DC Charger provided a rapid and reliable charging solution, meeting the operational needs of Kwinana City Council.
  2. OCPP Compatibility: The charger’s OCPP compatibility facilitated smooth communication and integration with the central management system, enhancing the overall efficiency of the charging network.
  3. Dual Port Functionality: With dual-port functionality, the charger accommodated the increasing demand for electric vehicle charging in the area, ensuring that multiple users could charge simultaneously.
  4. Billing Capabilities: The integration of billing capabilities allowed the council to effectively monitor usage and implement a sustainable revenue model for the charging station.
  5. End-to-End Project Management: EVSE Australia’s comprehensive project management ensured a seamless process from conceptualisation to execution, delivering a turnkey solution that met and exceeded the client’s expectations.

The Kwinana City Council Public Charger project stands as a testament to EVSE Australia’s capability to design, implement, and manage cutting-edge EV charging infrastructure, contributing to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and the development of sustainable urban environments.


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