EVSE Case Study – Camden Council

EVSE Case Study – Camden Council

Our Plug In project, accomplished with the Camden Council, has been an incredibly enriching experience. EVSE is immensely passionate about sustainable living, and it’s been lovely working with the Camden City Council and providing EV charging solutions for the community. With over 70% of Camden’s population commuting by car, we wanted to create an environment that is more inclusive of our electric vehicle commuters. Thanks to this project, we’ve successfully doubled the number of EV charging stations across the Camden government area. If you want to be part of our journey towards greater sustainable living, now is the time. We can give you the support you need if you want to begin your transition to electric. EVSE is always looking for collaborators to work with as we reach for a brighter future. Contact us at EVSE and visit our website to learn more about our electric approach to a sustainable future.

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