Renault Charging Stations & Accessories

We supply, install, and future-proof EV charging solutions for your Renault.

Renault Charging Stations & Accessories

We supply, install, and future-proof EV charging solutions for your Renault.

Get the Right Renault Charging Station

Whether you are choosing a Renault, for personal or fleet use, finding the right charging station for your need is one of the most important aspects of owning a Renault. Our range starts from the most basic home charger to the most advance smart charging system meaning regardless of your needs, we have got the solution for you.

EVSE charging stations are fully certified to Australian standards and compatible with all Renault models.

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Our chargers are compatible with all Renault models and every EV in Australia.


We’ve been voted number 1 for a reason! We provide a high-quality Renault charger installation with a 2-year warranty.

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With our fixed price guarantee all costs are priced before the works commence.

Reduce Your Bills

Utilise our smart solar charging stations to schedule your charging times when you have excess Solar to utilise clean energy.


Sturdy construction accompanied by industry-leading warranties for Renault charging stations.

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Track your energy use with real-time data. Use this to claim any tax benefits for work-related activities.

Frequently Asked Questions on Renault Chargers

Future proof your electric vehicle with a universal Renault charging station. Our smart home chargers are compatible with all electric cars. Click for more information on the Renault Kangoo & Zoe.

What percentage should I charge the battery to?

You can adjust the charge percentage of the battery via the settings menu. Reports from the industry recommend owners to charge until 80% charge. It is recommended that if you are going on a long road trip, that you charge above this limit.

Should I wait for the battery to fully deplete before charging?

Lithium-ion batteries are used across the vehicles so there is no memory effect. Essentially there’s no need to empty the battery before initiating your charge. When using a Renault Charger, We recommend keeping your cars charge above 30% at all times. That is why EVSE installs our chargers for residential, commercial, and destination purposes. So, you can top up your car, before the battery depletes.

Renault Charge Times

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Renault charging speeds are dependent on the power supply, AC or DC charging supply, and the car. Our electrician can determine the available power at your home/workplace and determine the right solution for you. DC is not recommended for home.

*external factors such as state of charge, temperature, and load management can affect speed.

Home Renault Charger Installation

Conveniently charge your charge in the luxury of your home or work by installation a Renault charger.

The maximum speed of charge is 22kW and we recommend a 3-phase installation to maximize your charging speed and minimize your downtime.

Home Charging Installation & cost to charge a Renault

Charger installation Cost varies depending on the circumstances. This includes information about your switchboard, the location of your charging destination, and the distance between your power source and where you would like your wall charger. For residential purposes, visit our installation section and get a quote within 48 hours. For Renault Destination and Commercial purposes, an electrician will need to conduct a site inspection.

Renault Home Charger Installation

Get on the road faster with a high-powered Renault charging station. Take advantage of our smart solar systems to utilise green energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

With our fixed-price installation service and quality guarantee, we make charging a Renault easy.

Our EV Solutions are Trusted by Some of Australia’s Biggest Brands

Charge using Cleaner Energy

Simple or smart charging at your fingertips. Use our smart product range to recharge utilising green energy and solar with our Renault wall charger. Remember EV charging only makes sense when using green energy to charge your Renault. The future utilisation of green energy in Australia and EVs is limitless. EVSE wants to bring that technology to Australia and ensure a cleaner future.

Customer Testimonials

We purchased the Ocular IQ Commercial System for our fleet and loved every bit of it. The system allows me to track the usage of each vehicle and power consumption which is extremely important when running a business fleet. We paired the chargers with 100 kW of solar to powered our vehicles from the sun.
Renault Owner

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Our range of high quality bespoke charging system to suit your home, commercial & fleet requirements. Choose from our standard stations or combine with our intelligent EO Cloud software and built-in fleet management.

Your electrification journey starts by chatting with one of our experts, we’re here to help.

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