The Future Looks Bright for EV Adoption in Australia

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The global adoption of electric vehicles (EV) has been growing steadily in recent years. The rate is much slower in Australia, but things are starting to pick up thanks to some significant developments. At first, Australians have many valid reasons to be reluctant to let go of their conventional gas vehicles. These include concerns regarding the lack of infrastructure as well as the lack of more affordable EV choices.

Luckily, things are starting to change. With the arrival of more affordable EV options and more EV chargers, the adoption of EV in Australia is looking very bright. At the forefront of these crucial developments is Tesla, which has successfully addressed the EV’s ability to bring people to their destinations without running out of charge.


Tesla’s extensive network of charging stations

In addition to the long-range batteries found in newer Tesla models, Tesla has also launched an extensive network of charging stations throughout Australia. These are usually found in well-travelled routes and other convenient locations so that EV owners can easily stay charged wherever they go.

To enable wider adoption, many EV companies are starting to develop the charging infrastructure. Now anyone can easily have a Tesla charger installed for a greener, cleaner and more sustainable future.

Installing a Tesla car charger in Sydney

In recent years, more and more Aussies are starting to switch to EVs. Aside from saving the environment, this shift can also help them save in the long run. For more convenience, they can also have a Tesla car charger installed at home for faster-charging speeds.

Faster charging through a dedicated power circuit

If you are aiming for the fastest charging, you may want to move away from standard charging cables. Using a standard PowerPoint at your home or garage will also use the power source running your other home electronics and devices. This would mean reduced charging times for your EV and power supply disruption to your home.

To avoid these potential issues, it is best to have a dedicated power circuit for your car when installing a Tesla wall charger. Using a single output with concentrated electricity, you can achieve the quickest charging times for your EV without causing electrical disruptions to the rest of your home.

Final Word

It may take two or more days before the Tesla charger you have had installed at your home to be fully operational. This will greatly depend on how complex your electrical system is at home. However, installing the actual charger itself will only take about an hour or more. If you can get a dedicated EV charging station at home, you can be sure of much faster-charging speeds. Based on studies, you can reach full capacity just by charging overnight. Come morning time, you will be set and ready for a nice and comfy ride.

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