We check out the insides of a Model S at the Tesla Australia Showroom

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What makes a Tesla Tick, the inside of a Model S 85 D & Tesla Charging Stations

EVE Australia checked out the inside of Tesla Model S 85 D at the showroom in Sydney, Australia. Its amazing looking at the technology which Tesla have put into their EV and the potential of future developments. Tesla chargers will provide both a AC and DC option via the Tesla destination charger and the Tesla Supercharger DC network

Compare this with the inside of a Subaru Liberty

Quite a contrast! What this means is less moving parts = lower servicing costs and less likleyhood of breakdown for your Tesla in Australia compared to a normal internal combustion petrol engine. According to Tesla Australia services would occur at the most once a year, with many updates to the electric cars software possible the same way your iPhone’s software is updated. Drivers will also have access to Tesla’s destination charger network and free access to the Superchargers than line Victoria, NSW and QLD

Many Tesla Australia drivers woke up to find they had a new feature recently, Autopilot, which allowed them a fully automated driving experience.

This is one of the many advantages of electric car ownership in Australia, along with significant cost savings for owners and the benefits to the environment.  For all Tesla charging station installation please call the team at EVSE

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