Smart Home Electric Vehicle Charging to Save on Energy Cost

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Linking Home Charging Together with Ocular Solar

Monitoring your home and workplace charging is vital to the electric car lifestyle. As more petrol vehicles are being replaced with electric cars, it presents a unique challenge to home charging. Home charging should be factored into the cost of owning an electric car and reimbursed correctly.

Ocular’s IQ Solar charger allows you to monitor all your charging costs online through a free-to-download and use app. You can have complete transparency over your charging history and a total understanding of the amount of energy your EV is using including how much solar is being drawn in real time. This innovative product is designed to integrate seamlessly with solar panels, allowing EV drivers to charge their vehicles using clean energy. The Ocular IQ Solar Charging Station is equipped with smart features such as load management, and remote monitoring, making it a powerful tool for residential users.

Ocular’s IQ Solar is the answer to the smart home EV charger.

This device integrates with your home’s solar panels to power your car. The IQ Solar is the most revolutionary Solar EV charger in Australia, harnessing the abundant power of the sun to essentially charge your EV for absolutely no cost. With three different charging modes, IQ Solar can optimise the usage of solar power to suit the weather and your household consumption and minimise unused solar sent back to the grid.  This charger is designed to ensure your EV is being powered by the cleanest – and cheapest- energy possible.

Three charging modes:

  • Fast: This mode will disregard the origin of the electricity and charge with any accessible power at the maximum level. Ideal for situations when you don’t have time to wait, night charging or cloudy and rainy days.
  • Solar Assist: This is our favourite setting for the solar charger. Your EV will be charged at a steady rate of 6Amps plus any excess solar you are producing. Solar assist will ensure the charger continues during when it is cloudy or if your household consumption increases therefore reducing the level of excess solar to be used.
  • Solar Only: The mode will charge your EV solely on excess solar production. After a rate of 7 Amps of excess is reached, your solar charger will begin taking this energy to power your EV. Unlike Solar assist once the solar production stops, such as cloud cover, the charging will also stop completely. This mode is ideal for clear, sunny days with plenty of excess solar.

The Ocular IQ Solar Charging Station is also an environmentally-friendly solution. By using solar power to charge EVs, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. This makes it an ideal solution for those who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment. This charger comes in a universal, type 1 tethered, and a type 2 tethered option. You can add and track multiple chargers to the same app, creating a fantastic smart electric vehicle charging system.

The Ocular IQ Solar Charging Station is a game-changer in the EV charging industry. It is an innovative solution that takes advantage of solar power to provide a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly charging solution for EV drivers. With its smart features and ease of use, it is the perfect solution for residential and commercial users alike.

The ATO released a tax incentive in 2018 that allows a driver to claim up to 68c per kilometer for 5000kms driven. This system requires a logbook method to be used. Instead of using a physical logbook, the Ocular App can do all the hard and mundane monitoring work for you. This will allow your tax team to prepare a fantastic logbook that will maximize your money saved from taxation.

The various grants available across the Australia and access to free solar energy will make owning an EV a more realistic cost-effective option

In conclusion, the Ocular IQ Solar Charging Station is a must-have for any EV owner who is looking for a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly charging solution. With its innovative features and ease of use, it is the perfect solution for both residential and commercial users. With the Ocular IQ Solar Charging Station, the future of EV charging is here.

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