Looking for a Hybrid Vehicle? Learn More about the Range Rover PHEV

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For those who’d like to make the switch to an electric vehicle but aren’t ready to fully commit to a battery-powered car, the Range Rover PHEV seems to be the right choice. Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) bring the best of both worlds – petrol and electric – to maximise fuel economy and your vehicle’s performance. The Land Rover Range Rover PHEV delivers on these fronts, provided you invest in the right Land Rover electric car charger. Learn more about this astonishing vehicle below. 

4 Superior Features of PHEV:

The refined and luxurious Range Rover PHEV comes with these great capabilities:

  • Save More with Timed Charging:

Recharge your vehicle in just 2 hours and 45 minutes (based on the power supply) using a Land Rover car charger. Take advantage of the Timed Charging functionality that lets you specify at what time the vehicle must be charged. This prevents peak electricity tariffs and helps bring down your utility bills as a result.

  • Find a Charging Station:

InControl’s intelligent routing helps you to find out if there’s a nearby Land Rover charging station on your way to the destination. The system also suggests the most efficient routes to maximise fuel efficiency.

  • Interactive Driver Display:

The Range Rover PHEV has an intelligent plug-in hybrid display that reveals how efficient your driving is. It displays real-time data on how the electric motor works in conjunction with the combustion engine.

  • Quiet, Peaceful Drive:

One of the impressive features of this PHEV is its near-silent drive. Land Rover claims that this is their quietest Range Rover ever. You’ll enjoy a virtually silent drive in the electric vehicle mode. As the PHEV smoothly transitions between an electric motor and engine, your driving is more refined and peaceful throughout.

First Class Travel Experience:

The Range Rover PHEV offers great levels of comfort for both the driver and passengers.

  • Automatic Access Height: Enter or exit the vehicle more conveniently. Enable Automatic Access Height, and your vehicle will lower its height by 50mm, thanks to its electronic air suspension.
  • Executive Seats: Make your travellers feel like a VIP. The rear executive class seats offer a taste of luxury and elegance with wider and deeper cushioning. You may also opt for the “Hot-Stone” massage seats, with up to 25 soothing massage programs available.
  • Ambient Lighting: Enhance the interior ambience even further with the optional Ambient Interior Lighting. You can choose between ten different colours, and it illuminates the key design features of your vehicle for making it as attractive and comfortable as possible.
  • All-Terrain Progress Control: The Range Rover PHEV features an All-Terrain Progress Control that maintains a consistent speed across all surfaces, including wet grass, ice, mud, snow, and even dirt roads. Speed is more controlled, and drivers can fully focus on safely steering away from the obstacles.

The luxurious and highly convenient Range Rover PHEV is the right purchase for those needing to adapt to the electric vehicle tech. Minimise emissions and control your fuel consumption with this ultimate Range Rover. Any questions? Contact a Land Rover charging station supplier to know more.

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