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In 2023, the Peter Stevens Group announced a landmark distribution deal with ZERO Motorcycles International. This collaboration not only brings ZERO Motorcycles class-leading 100% electric bikes to Australia but also enables the Peter Stevens Retail Group to distribute and retail these innovative motorcycles through their stores and an expanding network of dealers outside the group. This partnership marks a significant step forward in making 100% electric motorcycles more accessible to Australian riders.

Exploring the ZERO Lineup

Street Range: ZERO’s street range includes premium models such as the SR/F and SR/S, alongside the SR and S models. These bikes are designed for riders seeking high performance and modern design. The SR/F and SR/S offer advanced technology, impressive speed, and sleek aesthetics, making them perfect for urban commuting and long rides alike. With a focus on delivering an exhilarating riding experience, these models combine powerful electric motors with cutting-edge features.

Dual Sport: For those who crave adventure, ZERO’s dual sport lineup offers the DSR/X, DSR, and DS models. The DSR/X is the pinnacle of this range, providing robust performance and versatility for off-road and on-road adventures. These bikes are built to handle a variety of terrains, ensuring that riders can explore beyond the pavement with confidence. Whether you’re navigating city streets or tackling rugged trails, the dual sport range delivers exceptional capability and reliability.

Also: ZERO also offers fun bikes like the trail-ready FX and the motard-inspired FXE. These models are designed for thrill-seekers who enjoy some off-road riding and city adventures. The FX is perfect for tackling trails and off-road paths, while the FXE offers incredibly responsive and agile street performance.

Charging Made Easy

ZERO’s premium bikes, including the MY24 Street and Dual Sport models, are equipped with Type 2 plugs and support 3 – 12 kW charging. While electric cars typically offer higher charging speeds, ZERO Motorcycles batteries max out at 17.4 kW, significantly reducing charge times. ZERO owners charge their bikes at home 90% of the time using a 240V – 2.4 kW charge cable. However, adventure riders who travel further distances are increasingly utilising public charge stations, making a Type 2 cable a valuable accessory for these journeys. As motorbikes are easier to get close to the charge station, a shorter Type 2 to Type 2 cable will suffice in either the 7kw or 22kw option.

Enhancing the Electric Riding Experience

To enhance the riding experience, ZERO offers a dedicated app that- as well as offering performance customisation and data also offers mapping to nearby (and distant!) charge stations. Along with popular apps like PlugShare, it’s easy to find compatible charge stations and plan trips. These tools are super helpful for ensuring a seamless and convenient charging experience, whether at home or on the go.

ZERO Motorcycles’ commitment to innovation and sustainability is evident in their diverse lineup and advanced technology. As they continue to expand their presence in Australia through the Peter Stevens Group, more riders will have the opportunity to experience the electric future of motorcycling…!

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