Solar Car Charging

EV Charging only makes sense when you take advantage of clean energy. We design, install and charge your EV using solar energy.

Solar Charging Stations

Generate Revenue

Stop paying electricity bills and start to generate income from both your roof AND fleet.

Solar EV Charging

Decrease your cost of charging your electric car by utilising your solar energy. Solar charging made easy.


Monitor, record and download your usage history for fleet, tax and expensing purposes. Automated one fleet expensing.

Clean Energy Solutions

EVSE Australia believes in a world powered by renewable & sustainable energy solutions. We want to ensure powering an electric car is not only as easy as an ICE vehicle but also powered by the cleanest energy.

EVSE can make achieving energy autonomy and clean energy a reality for a homeowner looking to use solar for their EV or a business wanting to electricity their fleet with solar charging stations.

EVs only make sense when powered by clean energy.

Sam Korkees, EVSE Australia

Free Site Solar Appraisals

Charge Faster & Drive Further with EVSE by having our qualified electrical teams evaluate your commercial site for solar and clean energy solutions.

Take advantage of our professional engineering team to maximise your solar output and minimise the cost of installation.

It’s simple – we offer a fixed price installation service with a quality guarantee for homeowners & a free site inspection and proposal for commercial sites.

We make solar charging easy.

Solar Charging at home or work? We’ve got you covered.

Link your home and workplace together with our one fleet solution. Power your electric cars with solar and transition to 100% electric while minimising your transportation cost.

Home And Workplace Ev Charging

Home   Commercial

Engineering and Design

Our team of electrical engineers can provide:

  • Remote site assessments and feasibility studies
  • Physical site surveys
  • Recommendations on site layouts and usage
  • Advice on design or production of wiring diagrams
  • Production of 3D designs
  • Provision of 3D templates or imagery
  • Re-designing existing sites or car park layouts
A Green Fleet
Without clean energy charging an electric car means we’re moving the emissions from the car to the generation plant. Electrify your fleet cleanly with solar charging
Customer Engagement
Attract EV drivers and increase your brands awareness within the EV and clean energy community. Make your business stand out to your employees
Learn more about solar car charging
Coupling of the greatest renewable energy technology, the 21st century electrical vehicle and sun absorbing solar system has contributed immensely to the acceleration of renewable energy. The current technology feasibility is here and will only exponentially improve from here on now. Despite the fact, lack of relevancy and public spark hasn’t renewed public’s perception and awareness.
Save Money
You’ve replaced petrol with electricity. Now generate it for free and use a solar EV charger to feed into your electric car
Branding and Promotion
You cant always see the solar panels on the roof or the battery in the back. But your customers and staff always see the EV Chargers at the front

Fixed Price Home EV Charger Installation

What does this include?

  1. Customer is contacted within 24 hours of enquiry by EVSE to book installation.

  2. Install your EV Charger using our low fixed price installation package. Backed by our quality guarantee.

  1. Up to 15 metre run from the electricity meter & home EV charger.

  2. Industry leading 2-year replacement warranty.

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EVSE believes in a green sustainable future by delivering the latest EV Charging technology at the lowest price. All our work is certified and guaranteed with the backing of global brands.

Our team of experts can provide specialist EVSE advice and are available to answer any of your questions over the phone

Find the right charger

Tell us about your car and home to see recommendations.

Get the best price

Stocking the best Electric Car products from the World’s leading brands.


All of our EVSE products are compliant with Australian & International standards.