Price drop on the Tesla Model S. Elon

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Price drop on the Tesla Model S. Elon continues to pile on the pressure on his Automotive rivals

Tesla Model S is one of the fastest all-electric pioneering large sedans in the world. The 2021 Model S will be much cheaper, confirmed by Tesla Australia. We can expect a $6,500 price drop for the entry-level Long Range Plus. It is now priced at $132,718, before on-road costs. For the mid-range variant, the Performance is now priced down to $152,218 before on-road costs, after a $6,500 price cut. There is however no price change for the top variant Plaid. It is priced from $223,718. As always a Tesla charger installed at home or work is a must to get the maximum benefits out of this vehicle.

The Model S has a shocking accelerating performance, even the entry-level variant can sprint from 0-100km/h in 3.8 seconds, this is nearly as fast as the V10 Audi R8. The Performance variant can accelerate from standstill to 100km/h in just 2.5 seconds. The Plaid features a three-motor power system and it can accelerate from 0-100km/h in under 2.1 seconds. The top speed of the Plaid is 320km/h.

While the prices are dropped, there is an improvement in the driving range. The Long Range Plus variant has an NEDC driving range of 722km (9km improvement compared with last year). There is a 33km improvement for the Performance variant, and it now has a 704km driving range for a single charge. The Plaid has a claimed driving range of 840km. The increased driving range gives you peace of mind to travel around driving an all-electric vehicle. The fast-expanding public charging network gives you extra confidence.

Although the accelerating capability is strong, driving the Model S is a serene experience. It will be extremely quiet as there is nearly no noise from the powertrain. In addition to that, Tesla has spent a lot of effort to reduce the noise from the tyre and wind. This makes driving a Tesla Model S a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

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For charging options, you will be served with a Tesla Gen 2 portable charger. This portable charger allows drivers to utilize the normal power outlets that are widely available. However, the portable charger is limited to deliver 8A/12A that can only charge your car at around 15km/hour. This is not desired for most drivers, especially those who need to drive a long distance but only have limited charging time. With the Tesla Gen2 Mobile Connector, the potential of the Tesla portable charger will be fully unlocked. This tail allows you to charge 3 x times faster than you can charge at 45km/hour.

For home charging, you can choose to install a Level 2 wall charging station from Tesla, sometimes also called a destination charger. It can deliver up to the maximum rate that the onboard charger can take. At EVSE, we offer a fixed price installation service with a quality guarantee. Alternatively, you can have Tesla charging stations that can charge at the maximum speed allowed by the on-board charger. It can charge your Model S at around 85km/hour and it can also futureproof for all other electric vehicles.

For public charging, you can definitely use Tesla’s charging network. A Tesla Model S public charging bundle can help to unlock all the other public charging stations. It includes a Tesla Charging Cable that you will use for the universal public charging infrastructure that requires BYO. An Adapter will allow you to charge at Type 1 charging stations.

For all the options of charging stations, cables, and other accessories, please visit our Tesla Model S homepage or contact us directly on 1300 406 210.

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