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A Comprehensive Guide to the Best DC Chargers 2023 Ranked

We researched the top DC chargers so you don’t have to!

The remarkable range of Ocular DC Chargers are designed and engineered to elevate your charging capabilities to exceed expectations. Whether you operate a bustling commercial space, manage a fleet of vehicles or simply seek efficient charging solutions, our turnkey solutions will ensure that these chargers will meet your specific needs. Below we have ranked top EV charger recommendations to ensure the best possible choice is made when selecting a DC charger. 


  1. Titan:  

Ocular Dc Fast Charging

Our 60kW Ocular Titan DC Charger is one of our top recommendations for EV charging in commercial settings due to its versatility, affordability and unwavering reliability. Experience the thrill of faster charging speeds, without having to take up the room of a large DC charger, providing up to 360km of additional range per hour. With dual-charging capabilities, users can capitalise on reduced hardware costs and optimised infrastructure utilisation. The Titan is one of our only DC chargers that gives you the option to have it either floor or wall mounted, making it an extremely versatile charger that caters to a variety of needs and preferences. The innovative 8-inch LCD touch screen provides real-time user guidance and charging statistics, empowering customers with maximum control over their charging sessions.  


2. Atlas:  

Dc Charger Ocular Atlas

The Ocular Atlas DC Charger is the epitome of charging efficiency, with charging speeds beginning at 60kW, capable of going up to 180kW. Encased in a robust metal housing and featuring a functional 8-inch touch screen LED display, the Atlas is designed to supercharge EVs with unparalleled efficiency and can provide up to 1080km additional range per hour. It effortlessly powers vehicles equipped with high-voltage battery systems, making it our most appropriate charger to charge electric trucks and buses. With the added advantage of charging two vehicles simultaneously, the Atlas doubles your vehicle servicing capacity. Compact and user-friendly, its touch screen interface makes it the perfect choice for public spaces and fleet operations. 


3. Combi DC Charger:  

120kw Titan Combi

In bustling environments with high EV usage, our Ocular Combi DC Charger rises to the occasion by simultaneously charging up to three vehicles. This essential feature ensures efficient charging in busy and high turnover areas, providing up to 600km of additional range per hour, keeping the flow of energy uninterrupted. Equipped with two DC charging ports and one AC charging port, the Combi delivers speeds from 80kW, of up to 120kW, guaranteeing faster charging for EVs. Furthermore, the Combi features an impressive 8-inch touchscreen display, accompanied by cables spanning to a generous length of 5 meters to ensure user convenience and ease of use.   


4. Portable DC Charging:  

Portable Charger High Powered

For those seeking high-speed charging on the go, our Ocular Portable DC Charging Station offers an unbeatable solution.  Designed to connect directly to a 32Ap 3-phase outlet, this compact yet powerful charger provides instant charging capability wherever you need it most. Although its charging capacity ranges from 20kW to 30kW, it caters to a wide range of electric cars, commercial electric vehicles, electric trucks, vans and electric buses. The LCD screen ensures live feedback, granting customers maximum control and a seamless charging experience, regardless of their level of expertise.   


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