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With more and more EV charging options entering the market every day, how do you choose the best-performing charger for your home?  We’ve done all the research and curated our favourite residential EV chargers (AC models) for you! Check out all the options to select the charger that suits you and your home best. 


  1. The Ocular IQ Solar 

Ocular Iq Solar Ev Charger

Elevate your charging experience with the unrivalled Ocular IQ Solar, our top recommendation for residential EV charging. This game-changing charger harnesses the power of your existing solar panels, allowing you to charge your EV with clean, sustainable energy straight from the sun. Say goodbye to hefty bills and hello to guilt-free, cost-effective charging! 

Why is this our favourite home charger? The Ocular IQ Solar is a complete one-box solar solution (no need for expensive add-on equipment that takes up more room) and comes equipped with a free app, granting you a panoramic view of your charging journey. With this free app, you can monitor solar production to ensure your charger is fully utilising all excess solar with three different solar modes. Choose between Fast, Solar Assist and Solar Only. This is perfect for anyone wanting to use up all their excess solar instead of sending it back to the grid with the flexibility to adjust the modes for cloudy days or night charging too.  

The Ocular IQ Solar is available in both universal and tethered options, and either single or three phase.  

2. Ocular LTE Plus 

Ocular Lte Plus Fast Ev Charging

The Ocular LTE Plus falls between the Ocular IQ Solar and Ocular LTE in terms of functionality. With the same compact-sleek design as the LTE, it is easy to get them confused but the LTE Plus comes equipped with an innovative free Bluetooth app to gain insight and take control of your charging. This charger is ideal for those who want to have complete knowledge of their charging and energy history but are not looking for a solar solution. Monitor live charging sessions, track your charging progress, and schedule sessions with precision. Unlock the secrets of energy analysis and optimize your charging with the easy-to-use scheduling feature you can leverage off-peak energy rates. With the ability to fine-tune your energy consumption, you’ll effortlessly save money and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Take charge like never before! 

Available in single or three-phase, only available in the tethered model 

3.  The Ocular LTE: 

Ocular Wallbox Fast Ev Charger

For those seeking a sleek and dependable charging solution, look no further than the Ocular LTE. This charger combines a beautiful, compact charging station with a class-leading LCD screen for live charging feedback. Engineered to withstand Australian weather with an IP66 rating, this charger is dust-tight and can withstand jets of water. The Ocular LTE charger is ideal for anyone looking for a simple, reliable home charger without any of the extras such as apps.  

You can stay informed at a glance with the vibrant LCD display, providing all the info you need to know: real-time updates on charging status, voltage, current, and internal temperature. Installing this charger is a breeze, thanks to its preconfigured unit that cuts down on installation time and effort. Embrace simplicity without compromising on quality! 

The Ocular LTE is available in both universal and tethered options, and either single or three-phase.  



Portable EV Chargers 

Type 2 Portable Ev Charger.jpg Smart Portable Charger

While we advocate for installing a dedicated home charger, every EV owner should have a safety net. Our portable EV chargers are here to rescue you from any charge-related emergencies. Designed to simply connect to a standard Australian wall socket, these portable chargers are perfect for keeping in the back of the car. Although they provide significantly slower charging speeds, they offer peace of mind when you’re caught in a pinch. While they may be ideal for occasional use or for plug-in hybrids with limited EV range, we strongly recommend a hardwired EV charger as your primary charging solution.  We offer a large variety of portable chargers, so make sure you pick the right one! For standard home charging we recommend this one for a smarter option, or this one for a simple charger.  

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