Hager 40A 4-Pole Three Phase RCBO | DIN Rail

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Hager RCBO  4Pole 40 Amp 240V AC 6 kA 4 Module DIN Rail


Number of modules: 4

Number of poles: 4 P

Rated short circuit breaking capacity: 6 kA

Curve: C

Rated current: 40 A

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Rated insulation voltage: 240 V

Operating temperature: -25 to 60 C

Rated residual operating current -30 mA
Rated current- 40 A
Withstand not tripping on 8-20 μs wave 3000 A
Rated service breaking capacity Ics AC according IEC 60898-1 – 6 kA
Breaking and opening capacity- 4500 A
min/maxi threshold value of the AC thermal operation –  1.13 / 1.45 In
Magnetic regulating currrent- 5 / 10 In

Number of mechanical operations: 4000

Tightening torque: 2Nm

Height of installed product: 84 mm

Width of installed product: 70 mm

Depth of installed product: 71 mm


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