ABB Terra 24 Wallbox DC | 24kW

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The Terra 24 DC Wallbox allows you to DC charge electric car.  The ideal solution for affordable DC charging which is ideally suited for commercial, fleet, and large residential uses.

  • Compact Size (60 kg)
  • 24kW output ( 150km of additional range per hour )
  • Easy Installation
SKU: 6AGC077815

The ABB Terra 24 Wallbox

DC chargers are suitable when there’s a need to turn over vehicles quickly.
The ABB Terra 24 Wallbox has both a single cable CCS 2 configuration or a CCS 2 and Chademo configurations – Please indicate the version you would like.

Only 1 EV at a time can use the system

CCS 2, Fast-charging system-
Audi, BMW, EQC, Hyundai, Jaguar, KIA, Mercedes Benz, Mini, Polestar, Renault, TESLA, Volkswagen, Volvo

CHAdeMO, the Japanese fast-charging system
Mitsubishi, Nissan

  • Single Outlet CCS2 or Dual CCS 2 and CHAdeMO
  • Cable Length 3.5m
  • 24 kW Peak Power
  • 22.5kW Continuous Power
  • CCS2 DC Voltage Output 150-920VDC / 60A
  • Chademo DC Voltage Output 150-500VDC / 60A
  •  Voltage Input 400 VAC +/-10 % (50/60 Hz) / 40A
  • CE EMC Cl. B
  • Daylight readable 7” full color touchscreen display
  • OCPP (1.5/1.6) & RFID Authorisation
  • Basic CCS2 & Chademo Plug Holders included


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