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Meriton EV Charger

Meriton Group teams up with EVSE Australia to deliver another marketing leading Apartment EV Charging solution.

Established in 1963, Meriton has made a significant impact on the Australian landscape. The private company has designed, developed and built more than 75,000 apartments and some of the tallest residential towers across the east coast of Australia. Meriton offers sales, leasing, and property management services as well as the ...
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Nissan betting it’s Australian Future on Government fleet uptake of its future range.

The mass adoption of EV is perceived to be dominated by the large consumer market, however as more organizations and commercial sites start realizing the long term benefits of EV Fleets , the EV market is starting to be filled with enthusiastic buyers of EV’s. EV fleets represent a particularly ...
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Australian Government’s roadmap to use electric vehicle charging technology to curb emissions with $74 Million dollar investment

The mass confusion during the COVID-19 situation has forced governments to lead the country towards a strong reopening plan. The stringent mobility issues coupled with global slowdown has caused a decline in economic growth in all aspects of the industry. The peak of COVID-19 has passed in all advanced countries ...
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IKEA charging stations

IKEA Australia Charging Ahead with Complimentary EV Charging for Customers and Staff

IKEA Australia recently launched their first electric vehicle charging stations installed for complimentary use by their customers and staff at the IKEA Canberra store, located at 1030 Majura Rd, Pialligo. Globally IKEA group was one of the first corporates to show leadership initiative to accelerate the roll-out of electric transport, ...
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Planning to take your Mitsubishi Outlander Electric for a roadtrip? Read EVSE’s comprehensive guide to make sure you are not left stranded!

In 2020, Mitsubishi is committed to designing innovative models without compromising performance and comfort. Improving on the predecessor model to ensure both superior electrical vehicle and environmental benefits. The Outlander PHEV is Australia’s most popular Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle due its unique electric driving experience with AWD performance. Separately mounted ...
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The ACT EV incentive. What electric vehicle and rebates are available and how to claim?

The ACT governments rEVolution aims is to rapidly increase the deployment of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure in the nations capital territory: $50 million fund for ACT Government residents & businesses to support the transition to zero emissions. 90% of NEW  to be electric vehicles by 2030 All public transport, garbage ...
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Solar numbers are through the Roof! Sustainable Solar Electric Car Charging

Our great Steve Irwin said “I want the cleanest water, the freshest air and wildlife in abundance, but most of all I want a future for our children”. Renewable energy is emerging and slowly contributing to Australia’s total energy supply.  Solar PV generated 24% of Australia’s electricity in 2018-2019, the ...
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The Best Victorian Electric Car Road Trips

After recent events many Victorian electric car owners can’t wait to get back behind the wheel and get out to explore the best that their state has to offer. Given that QLD has closed their borders, Victorians will be looking to holiday closer to home with a good old fashioned ...
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Best EV road trips for Sydney Siders

New South Wales is a beautiful state with a diverse and enriching culture that changes from town to town. As a human beings, we have a natural curiosity to explore new land, to change our scenery and to go on new adventures. As we see an increasing number of Australian’s ...
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How Much Carbon Dioxide Does An Internal combustion, hybrid and electric car emit?

Research from the the Department of Energy shows that a litre of petrol contains 629 grams of carbon. When an internal combustion engine burns through this litre it expels through it’s tail pipe.  2.3 kilograms of CO2 and other harmful pollutants including nitrous oxide. When we also take into account ...
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