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4 Things You Will Need to Have in a Smart Home EV charger

When purchasing a smart home charger, you want a product that will not only power your car but will go above and beyond your expectations. You will need a charger that will be able to monitor your refilling habits, manages the electricity the smart car charging station takes, integrates into ...
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City of Adelaide EV Rebates: How Going Green Can Save You Thousands

The City of Adelaide has been a quiet achiever for some time now in the electric vehicle charging world. Whether that be through its rollout of charging stations across Adelaide, its high electric vehicle uptake per person or through its industry-leading attitude on renewable energy. Adelaide has continued to lead ...
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Solar powered car park charging

How Solar & the EO cloud can save your fleet thousands in operational costs

Linking Commercial and Home Charging Together Monitoring your vehicles work and home place charging is vital to the electric car lifestyle. Petrol vehicles across the world are being replaced with electric cars which present a unique challenge to fleet and business owners. An electric car needs to have the cost ...
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Is Your Electric Vehicle Charging Station Solar Ready?

EV driver’s demand an efficient solar electric vehicle charging station that utilises their rooftop solar panels when charging from the sun. This comes as no surprise given Australia has some of the highest uptakes of residential solar panels in the world, with 1 in 3 homeowners taking advantage of our ...
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Everything You Need to Know About Solar Car Charging

Transport usage is the second biggest emitter of greenhouse gas in Australia. In order to help the world get to net zero carbon, smarter transport options are needed. This is where electric cars come in. Electric cars emit zero carbon emissions when they refuel with renewable resources. As we cannot ...
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Electric Vehicles vs Hydrogen Vehicles – Which Makes The Most Sense?

Introducing Hydrogen Vehicles Hydrogen Vehicles have an electric chemical engine that converts hydrogen energy into electricity, acting as fuel for the hydrogen vehicle. The Hydrogen vehicle alongside full battery powered electric vehicles (BEV) are the latest innovations in the sustainable vehicle market. 1. Charging efficiency The electric fuel supply chain is fast and ...
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Projected Emissions from Net Zero Plan

NSW government NET Zero Emission reduction forecast with the uptake of EVs

This article summaries the Australian governments projections for the Net Zero plan. This includes looking at the different causes of carbon dioxide emissions, projected growth of renewable energy solutions and the financial projects of the Net Zero Plan.  It is to be noted that these figures are made at a ...
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reduce emissions

Net Zero priorities, how electric vehicles fit into the government’s plans to reduce emissions

The Net Zero Plan is the NSW governments report on how they aim to reduce their carbon dioxide output. In this plan electric vehicles (EV) and EV equipment uptake have been prioritised higher than the Australian Federal Government. The Net Zero plan is sectioned into four priorities being: Drive uptake ...
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NSW vs the world in electric vehicles

Net Zero plan stage 1: How the uptake of electric vehicle fleets will reduce carbon emissions and empower the electric vehicle sector.

How does driving an electric vehicle reduce the states carbon emissions. The Net Zero Plan highlighted vehicles as the 2nd largest emitter of greenhouse gasses in NSW. For the NSW government to achieve their net zero goal by 2050 it needs to enforce strategies to reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses ...
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Net Zero Plan Stage 1: How the deployment of fast charging infrastructure will reduce global warming

Carbon dioxide emitted from vehicles has been identified by the NSW government as the second biggest contributor to climate change. Renewable electricity generation strategies are the leading priority for the NSW Government as the graph above highlights due to its greenhouse gas emission. Transport is highlighted as the 2nd highest contributor ...
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