An extensive guide on how to conquer EV road trips

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Going on a road trip with your electric vehicle may put some drivers at unease, however we are here to help! Planning a road trip with an EV requires thoughtful preparation to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. From charging cables to strategic planning tools, here’s a guide to the must-have items for your EV road trip. 



The first item on your checklist is the PlugShare app. This powerful tool enables you to locate all the charging stations near you. With real-time information on station availability and compatibility, the app ensures you always know where to find the nearest charging point. Download it before hitting the road to make charging pit stops a breeze.  


Strategic Planning:  

Before setting off on your EV road trip, plan your route strategically. Identify charging stations along the way, considering factors like distance, charging speed, and amenities at each stop. This proactive approach ensures you have a clear plan of where to recharge, minimising unexpected delays and maximising the efficiency of your journey.  


Type 2 to Type 2 Cable:
Public charging stations often require a Type 2 to Type 2 cable for connection. Make sure you have this essential cable in your EV toolkit. It allows you to plug into various public charging stations, offering you flexibility and compatibility with different charging infrastructures you might encounter during your journey. One of our top selling products is the 7kW Type 2 to Type 2 EV Charging Cable.  Read all about this popular charging cable here.  


Portable Charger:  

A portable charger is a game-changer for EV owners. This compact device allows you to charge your EV via a standard Australian wall socket. While it may not be as fast as dedicated charging stations, having a portable charger provides a reliable backup option, especially in areas where public charging infrastructure may be limited. Our Portable Type 2 EV Charger is popular and essential for long road trips in case of an emergency. With this charger, you will never catch yourself out of battery on the road.  


Carrying Case:  

To keep your cables and portable charger easily accessible and tangle-free, invest in a durable portable EV cable bag. This ensures that your charging cables remain organised, preventing them from moving around whist in transit, allowing you to maximise remaining boot space.  


With the right items in your EV toolkit, your road trip in an EV becomes a seamless and enjoyable experience. From staying connected with PlugShare to having the right cables and a strategic plan, these essentials empower you to navigate your journey confidently.  


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