Should your workplace consider EV charging stations for employees and visitors?

When we look at where most EV drivers charge their electric cars, it is clear that the vast majority of EV charging will be done at home overnight on home EV chargers. This makes a lot of sense given that most electric cars will be parked for 6-10 hours a night, which allows an EV driver to take advantage of off-peak electrical rates to do the bulk of charging. In many ways this is very similar t how you recharge your smartphone, most of us simply plug in overnight and wake up fully charged.

Following on from this, for most of us the place we park our electric cars the most will be at work when we arrive at 9am and depart home at 5pm. What this means is this is a great opportunity to top up your electric car after your morning commute. In addition, this may be even more important to electric car drivers who may not have access to a charging station at home.

Workplaces are beginning to understand that if they wish to attract and retain good quality staff and ensure high levels of engagement, then additional resources such as EV charging stations at workplaces can help to achieve this. Not only is this a convenience benefit for employees who own an electric vehicle, it also helps promote the companies corporate social responsibility and green credentials. This will also reflect well on the business to clients and visitors to your company, who will see the investments the company, have made which will help to portray your business in the best possible light.

EO Genius Fleet EV Charging Solutions

Another situation where workplaces and businesses will need to look for specific smart EV charging stations is where they may also have fleet or company vehicles and are looking to replace these with electric cars. Consideration should be given to the vehicle mix, the demand, and amount of chargers necessary and look to a smart EV charger system to allow for dynamic load management and scalability as the demand grows.

By keeping one eye on your needs today and one eye on your future requirements, you can ensure that your workplace EV charger solution is future proof and scalable to maximise your investment in an electric future.