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Porsche’s answer to Tesla Model S Performance

After years of build-up, Porsche has finally introduced their first EV, Taycan.

Porsche has positioned the Taycan such that it’s head to head with the Tesla model S. Porsche will also be outfitting locations with Porsche charging stations 

Range: 450

The thing that draws everybody’s attention is the acceleration

Porsche claims that the Taycan can repeat that performance continuously without overheating. The Porsche Taycan charging will be available from any Type 2 Charging station whether it’s Porsche or universal branded/

270kw fast charge

Type 2 and CSS

0-100km/h in 2.8 seconds

Rang up to 450km

Batter size 93kWh

Porsche Taycan Charger will provide 22kW of charging power or up to 120km of range per hour when charged at home

Tesla Model S Performance Porsche Taycan Turbo S
0 – 100  2.4 2.8
Top speed 163 161
Power output 270kW 200kW

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