Exciting news has been released to the Electric Vehicle market of the Brand New All-Electric Volkswagen I.D which is the first electric vehicle to be produced on the all-new EV platform designed from the ground up by the Volkswagen engineering team.


The Volkswagen I.D electric vehicle will roughly be the size of a Volkswagen Golf, with the spaciousness of a Passat and the get-up and go of a GTI.  These features are the effect of the all-electric drive train, which free’s up a lot of space in the vehicle given the minimal amount of components required. VW drivers can easily have a VW charger installed for a quick overnight charge at home or at work.


Unlike Telsa’s Model 3 with an all-wheel-drive option, the Volkswagen I.D will be powered by a single electric motor driving the rear wheels to deliver a whiplashing 150kW of power and a top speed of 160km/hour.


Volkswagen has confirmed that the all-electric I.D will be available in three options:


  • 45kWh Battery with 330km of range.
  • 58kWh Battery with 420km of range.
  • 77kWh Battery with 550km of range.


EV charging of the Volkswagen I.D will be courtesy of Type 2 (Mennekes inlet) with the capability of charging up to 11kW from a home Volkswagen charger will mean that the all-electric Volkswagen I.D can be fully charged in around 6 hours with an EV charger. Rapid charging of the electric Volkswagen I.D is via a CCS2 charging inlet with a 100kW charging capacity.


Inside the electric vehicle, you will find a bevy of technological marvels including all the bells and whistles found in Volkswagen’s range such as adaptive cruise control, camera’s and digital navigation systems as well as an augmented reality head-up display.


EVSE Australia estimates a price point starting at around the $45,000 mark which would put the Volkswagen I.D electric vehicle online with the Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe in the smaller sized hatch market. A Volkswagen charging station can be installed by EVSE and provide a quick overnight charge. You also have the ability to upgrade to smart solar car charging for you VW ID.