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How Does an Electric Car work?

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How Does an Electric Car work?

In an electric car, recharagable batteries act as the fuel supply and provide the motor with energy to move the vehicle.This gives the car acceleration.  When the vehicle is idle there is no electrical current being processed, so no energy is being used by the engine. They’re almost completely silent, and deliver an instant torque sensation. Electric cars do not require oil changes, because there is no oil used to run the engines. Same for fan belts, air filters, spark plugs or any of other parts that need occasional replacement in a gasoline car. Even the brakes on an EV last longer than a gasoline car because EV slows the car by reversing the electrical motor instead of applying mechanical friction. This regenerative braking helps to recharge the motor.

Up to 80 percent of the energy in the battery is transferred directly to power the car, compared with only 14-26 percent of the energy from gasoline-powered vehicles. It’s this aswell as the ability to generate from large scale electricity supplies that make Electric Cars a greener alternative to gasoline cars. Electric car charging is provided by a fixed wallbox charger or a using a portable charging station 

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