The ACT joins NSW, QLD and VIC to stop ICEing; petrol and diesel vehicles parking in EV charging spots

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Great news for EV drivers in Australia! The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has recently announced that they will be introducing fines for individuals who block Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations. This decision makes the ACT the fourth State or Territory in Australia to implement fines for this offence, joining Victoria, Queensland, and New South Wales.

At EVSE we’re glad to see more governing bodies taking action to ensure that EV charging stations in carparks remain accessible to all relevant drivers. We understand how fruDownload (3) (copy)strating it can be to arrive at a charging station only to find it blocked by a non-EV vehicle. This not only prevents EV drivers from being able to charge their vehicles but also causes unnecessary delays and frustration.

The introduction of fines for blocking EV charging stations sends a strong message to the community that these stations are not to be used for anything other than charging EVs. It also helps to ensure that EV drivers have access to the infrastructure they need to continue driving their electric vehicles with ease.

Fines can reach up to $3200 for blocking a charging space with an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle. There is certainly additional education needed for traditional ICE vehicle owners that while there may not be many spaces available in the parking lot, EV charging spaces are likely to be utilized more frequently in future and could be used at any moment by a motorist with a more sustainable vehicle. As new car sales for pure electric vehicles in Australia surges past the current 83,000 units and towards 10%, it is reasonable that dedicated car spots service these vehicles and aid in decarbonisation goals, positively impacting climate change.

We hope that this decision by the ACT government will encourage other locations to follow suit and implement similar fines. At EVSE, we are committed to supporting the growth of the EV industry in Australia, and this is a significant step towards achieving our goal of making EV charging accessible to all Electric Vehicle owners.

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