NSW Electric Vehicle Destination Charging Grants

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NSW Electric Vehicle Destination Charging Grants Guide

Round 2 of the NSW Government Destination EV Charging Grant is now open until 3rd May 2024. The grant includes $10 million funding for regional NSW, including Newcastle and Wollongong This grant will allow your site to install public electric vehicle chargers with up to 75% paid for by the NSW government.

This is great news for NSW, as it enables regional visitor destinations across NSW to access our EV charging platform more affordably. This helps to overcome the ‘range anxiety’ experienced by the massively increasing number of EV drivers in our state. This in turn supports growth in the regional NSW economy by enabling EV drivers to more easily visit the amazing locations NSW has to offer.

EV trends in NSW

On top of this grant, the NSW government has also implemented the NSW Electric Vehicle Strategy. This strategy will increase the uptake of electric vehicles in NSW, making it essential for businesses, in particular those located in regional NSW, to stay ahead of the curve by installing public EV charging stations.

By 2031, EV sales in NSW are expected by the NSW government to reach 52% of all car sales in the state and approach 80% by 2036.

To further support this, NSW EV drivers have been given savings and rebates of up to $5,540 through the NSW EV rebate and the EV stamp duty exemption.

How does the grant work?

The grants will fund the following for up to 4 EV chargers per site:

  • 75% towards the cost of eligible 7kW and/or 22kW electric vehicle chargers.
  • 75% towards the cost of installation (now capped at $3000 per charging port, an increase from round one which capped at $1,000 per charger).
  • 75% towards the first year of an eligible annual EV charger software subscription. An change from round 1 which funded 50% towards a 2-year EV charger subscription.

This grant enables enormous savings in futureproofing your business and preparing for the growing uptake of electric vehicles in NSW.

To be eligible, your business must:

  • be located in an eligible regional NSW local government area (LGA). Round 2 now includes Newcastle and Wollongong
  • be an approved destination type, including accommodation, attractions, caravan, camping and holiday parks, food and drink, and information services. See grant guidelines for full list eligible in round 2. Note that more types of destinations have been added for this round of funding.
  • have no more than four existing charger ports already on your site. A large increase from round 1 which limited to no more than one existing EV charger installed.
  • be currently listed on the Australia Tourism Data Warehouse 

This means that the grant is eligible for businesses who are new to EV charging, or businesses who are looking to expand their EV charging capabilities.

This grant will be available until 3 May 2024 or until the allocated funding is finished, so don’t wait and apply now! Please check out this link for more details on funding, eligibility, and how to apply:

Electric vehicle destination charging grants | NSW Climate and Energy Action

How EVSE can assist in grant application

EVSE has been at the forefront of EV change since our inception in 2015. It’s a status we’ve worked tirelessly to earn and maintain. As an Australian EV charging solutions leader, we have constantly been in tune with the fast-paced developments required to keep electric vehicles in Australia charged.

We provide a full turn-key solution to EV charging, from the hardware and software to the installation, with long-term personalised support. This dedication to developing full-fledged answers to big questions surrounding EV charging is why many businesses both big and small have chosen to work with us for their EV charging needs. These businesses include Bunnings, Optus, Harvey Norman, NSW Transport, Queensland Government Electric Fleet, and much more.

EV charger Installation    IQ Wallbox   Bonny Hills Ingenia Holidays

As our company’s head office is located in NSW, we are keenly aware of the needs of NSW businesses. As a result, our EV chargers are designed explicitly for NSW and Australia. We have even partnered with CSIRO, whose innovations have shaped and paved the way for technology in both Australia and globally, to design our software to suit the needs of Australian businesses and individuals.

EV Charging Management Software    Exploren App    EV Charging Management Software

We have a wide range of products to suit any situation you may encounter, one of which is the Ocular IQ dual tower. This design, unlike many others on the market, utilises two charging ports per unit. Because of this, with the use of the NSW EV destination grant, we can set your business up with a charging station that’s capable of charging 8 cars at once rather than the 4-car charging capacity most other companies can offer. The Ocular IQ Dual Tower were the most sold unit for the charging grant in round 1.

Check out video by NSW Government with a Ocular Dual Tower installed thanks to the destination grant 

Round 1 Destination Grant Case Study

Take the next step

Check out our website for more information on our products and services.

Contact us here, give us a call at 1300 406 210 or email sales@evse.com.au. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, our team at EVSE would be more than happy to assist you to electrify and future-proof your business.

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