EVSE Australia commences project with the CSIRO to develop EV charging energy management technology

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16th September 2021

EVSE Australia has commenced a project with the national science agency, CSIRO, to develop an agonistic electric vehicle (EV) charging energy management system to support the nationwide uptake of EVs across fleets, commercial and apartment buildings.

A significant challenge facing EV uptake in Australia is charging multiple EVs on existing electrical infrastructure. While it’s often easy to install the first unit, how do we allow for the deployments of EV chargers at scale? To facilitate the mass adoption of electric vehicles, we must continue to develop technologies that will enable the optimisation of electrical loads. This enables the growth of electric fleets and decreases the total cost of ownership to help accelerate the transition.

The project will develop an intelligent algorithm to manage and optimise energy loads for commercial buildings. The algorithm will be tested within ‘real-world’ modelling conditions based at CSIRO’s Newcastle Renewable Energy Integration Facility (REIF). Notably, the energy management system will be hardware agnostic and allow for an unlimited number of OCPP based EV charging stations to be controlled and managed by the algorithm.

“We know that one of the greatest barriers to the uptake of electric vehicles in Australia is the limited electrical capacity of many sites and access to charging infrastructure. We’ve found that this limitation can mean that even when a customer is ready to transition to electric vehicles, they may not be able to install and operate the necessary charging infrastructure to support their plans. Therefore without advancements in critical technology to support the large-scale deployment of EV charging infrastructure, the EV revolution could be stopped dead in its tracks.” Sam Korkees, Co-Founder & CEO EVSE Australia.

“Australian electric vehicle sales have risen at record levels in the past six months . However, further and more widespread EV adoption requires intelligent energy management from public and private infrastructure – like commercial buildings. This technology will help alleviate electrical building capacity limitations.” Dr Sam Behrens, technical lead for CSIRO’s electric vehicle research program.

The Project is being supported by the Innovation Connections Programme as part of the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme, in partnership with EVSE Australia.

About EVSE Australia

EVSE Australia is the nation’s leading supplier of EV charging solutions for the residential, fleet and commercial market. Established in 2015, EVSE Australia envisages a future where everyday transport is electric, emissions-free, and sustained by a green charging infrastructure and intelligent software.

For further information about EVSE Australia or interviews, please contact Sam Korkees on 0402 693 243.

About the CSIRO

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is an Australian Government agency responsible for scientific research. The CSIRO works with industry, government and the research community to turn science into solutions to address Australia’s greatest challenges, including food security and quality; clean energy and resources; health and wellbeing; resilient and valuable environments; innovative industries; and a secure Australia and region.

For further information about the CSIRO, please contact CSIRO Energy Communication Manager, Claire Ginn, on 0409246966 or Claire.Ginn@csiro.au

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