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EV Charging Stations: The Answer to Future Mobility

The automobile sector is promoting electric vehicles (EV) as the future of mobility. On top of the modernised and innovative features of EVs, these vehicles are one of the keys to the sustainable days ahead of us. One proof of this is that EVs are environmentally friendly as they don’t emit any smelly pollutants.

Based on the International Energy Agency report, the global electric car market saw a growth of 41% last year. The momentum continues to accelerate at a fast pace in 2021.

As the number of EV cars grow, we expect several charging stations to be installed in every location as these are necessary to recharge the vehicles. The challenge today is the limited charging stations available to the public. This hinders people from supporting and buying their own EVs.

But this problem may soon be resolved. With the launch of charging stations such as the ones from EVSE, it looks like many people will be encouraged to buy and use EVs. The Renault charging stations can work with all models of Renault cars. Whether it is the Renault Kangoo or Renault Zoe, EV owners have nothing to worry about since they now have the most advanced Renault car charger smart systems for charging up their vehicles.

What is the difference between Renault Kangoo Charging and Renault Zoe Charging? Here is a quick look at how the chargers vary for these two EV models.

In terms of battery or energy capacity, Renault Kangoo Charging can run up to 165 kilometres at 40 kilometres per hour. Meanwhile, Renault Zoe Charging can run up to 255 kilometres at 120 kilometres per hour. In terms of energy usage, Kangoo can use 33 kilowatts per hour while the Zoo can use up to 41 kilowatts per hour.

Advantages of the Renault Car Charger

One of the most exciting features of these electric chargers is that they are universal. So they can be used not just by Renault cars but also all the other EVs that are available in Australia. On top of that, installation is easy and high quality.

An on-site evaluation is not an issue as EVSE provides fixed price guarantee costs. Reduced bills are also expected upon using these charging stations because they can also run using solar power. This makes modern vehicles more environmentally friendly.

Worry about the capacity of the advanced stations? It charges smartly and fast. It provides real-time data which you can use to get tax benefits. On top of all, every purchase of this comes with a warranty.


Electric vehicle sales are expected to rise in the next coming years. The electric car charger will also be in demand. However, I can’t imagine that you’re going to wait for 20-30 minutes at a charging station in public. I’d rather ask for help from professionals to install an EV car charger at home or office.

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