Barbie’s switch to electric vehicles

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Join Barbie in contributing to a sustainable future

Barbie has long been a symbol of fashion, beauty and female empowerment for years. In the new groundbreaking Barbie movie, she is making her debut in a whole new light, driving a custom electric 1956 Corvette. That’s not all, Ken is also seen to be going electric, hitting the road in the movie with an electric Hummer from General Motors (GM). These two cars not only symbolize Barbie’s fashion, but also symbolize a step forward towards a more sustainable future. This also provides an outlook on the fact that EV’s are going to become the norm; seeing more EVs than ICE vehicles will become common in the near future.  

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Australian actress Margot Robbie is bringing Barbie to life on the big screen, and she will be doing so in style with a custom electric 1956 Corvette. The charming blend of retro and futuristic design is a clear nod to the increasing trend of electrifying classic cars. The vehicle is a creation of General Motors, showcasing their commitment to electric mobility. While GM has a long way to go to reach Tesla, their EV strategy is sign-posted through this clear product placement within the film. 

One detail that has not gone unnoticed is the blue letters ‘E’ and ‘V’ on the side of Barbie’s pale pink and white vintage Corvette. These letters are clear indications that the car is part of GM’s electric range. It’s a clever marketing strategy by the automaker to draw attention to their growing EV lineup and align it with the beloved Barbie brand.  

For Margot Robbie, advocating for sustainability and combating climate change is more than just a PR gig; it’s a personal mission. The actress has openly expressed her concerns about climate change, stating that it sometimes keeps her up at night. Her partnership with Nissan as a sustainability ambassador showcased her passion for a cleaner future, which is portrayed effectively in the movie. In a previous ad, Robbie displayed her surfing skills while discussing the importance of taking climate action for ‘a better world for ourselves, and everyone who comes after us’. Her involvement in marketing electric vehicles aligns perfectly with her commitment to environmental causes, making her an ideal advocate for the green transition.  

By enlisting actress Margot Robbie, a dedicated advocate for sustainability, GM sends a powerful message about the importance of addressing climate change. The electrification of Barbie’s and Ken’s vehicles is not only a savvy marketing move but also a meaningful step towards building a more sustainable world for generations to come. Barbie has taken a step for cleaner transport. Will you join Barbie too?

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