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Australia’s only electric car-sharing company sees rise in demand despite lack of government support for electric cars

Amid growing criticism of the government’s lagging electric vehicle (EV) policies and lack of infrastructure, specifically the Victorian government’s plan to tax electric car drivers, evee continues to offer Australians easy and affordable access to rent and experience EVs from local owners without the price tag.

“The demand for electric cars is unprecedented and despite the lack of government policy, Australians are ready to drive, experience, and buy EVs – we’re hearing this directly from our customers,” says Slava Kozlovskii, evee Founder.

“After an unpredictable start to 2020, we’re proud to make a strong comeback in 2021 with evee’s growth now exceeding our pre-covid levels. We have worked hard to expand our offering to connect EV owners with eco-conscious drivers nationwide, making EV driving options readily available and accessible to everyone,” Slava continued.

Australia’s only car-sharing platform offering solely EVs is welcoming rising demand with expansion into every major city including Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, and Alice Springs.

In 2020, evee recorded incredible car rental growth which tripled year-on-year, whilst their vehicle fleet range expanded from 19 to over 60 cars available to hire.

Founded in 2015, evee offers Australian drivers access to the industry-leading Tesla range from private car owners. In addition, evee now offers the Audi e-tron, Hyundai Ioniq, and BMW i3, whilst Perth users can now experience the new Mini Electric and many more EVs to choose from.

With the average evee car rental traveling 160km/day, each evee hire saves 12.8kg of CO2 based on 80g C02 saved per kilometer compared to a petrol-powered vehicle.

To ensure a seamless service and easy transfer, evee is available to pick up either from the owner’s home, or airport pickups can be organised for an added fee.

For more information on listing your electric vehicle or hiring one, visit evee now at www.evee.com.au and follow their journey on @eveecars

As always, EVSE Australia has all the information on charging electric vehicles – rentals or not!

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