IEC 62196-2 Type2 Socket Lock (Interlocking Actuator)



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IEC 62196-2 Type2 Socket Lock(Interlocking Actuator). Compatible with Type 2 AC and CCS 2 DC Charging inlets.


IEC 62196-2 Type2 Socket Lock (Interlocking Actuator). Compatible with Type 2 AC and CCS 2 DC Charging inlets.

  • Instantaneous power supply mode, low energy loss
  • Small size, suitable for small space installation
  • Power failure or malfunction can be manual release
  • Non-detachable shell protection, protection grade IP55

Electrical Performance

  • Reted current: 3A
  • Working voltage: 12V DC
  • Power: 36w
  • Withstand voltage: 1000V
  • Working cycle: 5%ED activation < 200ms, continue 3 seconds max
  • Insulation class: E
  • Working temperature: -30°C ~+ 50°C
  • CE, TUV approved


  • Housing material: thermoplastic, flammability class UL94 HB

Mechanical Properties

  • Mechanical life: operating cycle > 50000 times
  • Standard Wiring
  • Cable specification: TUV 4*0.25mm2
  • Cable length: 600mm
  • Cable diameter: 4mm
  • Cable color: Black
  • Actuator(magnet) Position control(micro switch)
  • Wire Color Red White Blue Red
  • Locked +12V 0V 0V
  • Unlocked 0V 12V 12V
  • Max Current
  • Switch-on: 3A ; Continuous: 0A

Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage
(Operating voltage < 30V) ; 600V DC

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Weight 0.1 kg

Type 2


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