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Choosing The Right EV Charging Station

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Difference Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 Charging

Charging your EV at home with a charging station or with a Portable EV Charger? See the difference

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electric car chargers australia

Why L2 charger?

Charge your electric vehicle 3 to 10 times faster with a Level 2 charger – Get back on the road faster with EVSE

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Different L2 Charging Options

Explore Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging station options & our range of commercial and fleet options

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How far can I drive on one charge?

Electric cars have evolved a long way from the early days of the 20th century. Currently, the Tesla Model S has a range of 480km on a single charge and global car manufacturers are continually achieving improvements in range with research and development.

electric vehicle chargers australia
electric vehicle charging australia

Choosing the right Charger

Not all electric cars are built the same. The maximum rate at which the EV battery can be refilled depends on the capacity of the charger in the vehicle and the amount of power the EVSE can supply. As a general rule, we recommend you install a 32 amp level 2 charger to allow for any future upgrades to your vehicle.

With numbers of EV’s on Australian roads increasing, even service stations are getting in on the act and offering fast charge options alongside petrol and diesel bowsers. Whameansis mean is long-range trips are as simple as stopping for some refreshments while your EV recharges.

electric car charging australia

The Difference between L1, L2 and L3

Level 1

This is best suited for smaller battery sizes such as those in PHEVS (Petrol-hybrid electric vehicles) or when longer charging time is available. Level 1 charging at work could also be a supplement for people driving over 40km per day, or even a substitute for those who can’t charge at home(because they don’t have a garage or fixed parking place, for example). EVSE recommends only choosing this charger if you drive under 4000km a year. Click here to see the level 1 products we have available.

electric car charging stations australia
electric vehicle charging stations australia

Level 2

The vehicle is connected directly to the electrical network via specific socket and plug and a dedicated circuit. This is the most common home and public charging level. Level 2 allows for a wide range of charging speeds, all the way up to 19.2 kilowatts (KM), or about 70 miles of range per hour of charging. Level 2 charging is much quicker because it is done at higher voltage and at higher amperage. But it requires more rugged equipment and more robust wiring to handle the extra electrons and the heat they generate.

All manufacturers recommend that you install a level 2 charging station at home. Level 2 EVSE charging equipment may cost more to buy, but there’s more to be gained, there’s the obvious time savings and the increase inconvenience. EVSE recommends this charger for home installations and for business charging. To see what Level 2 products EVSE has available, click here

Level 3

DC Level 3 requires significant panel and service upgrades and consequently is the most expensive to deploy.

Typically 70km of range for every 10 minutes of charging. These stations require more power than your house, which is generally more than you’ll need for your daily commute. EVSE recommends Level 3 DC Fast charging for petrol station operators, motorways, street side charging, fleet vehicles and for certain commercial users. DC Charge stations range in price from as low as $25,000 for a stand-alone (not networked with other stations) and go up to $60,000 for a smart, networked charge station. Hosts purchasing multiple units qualify for volume pricing. Click here to See EVSE level 3 options.

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How fast do EV vehicles Charge?

Charging times vary by the type of Charging Station and the vehicles onboard charger. These charge times are approximate.

Charger Level Electric Car Distance
(Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, Tesla Model S)

Level 1
240V 1.4KW

7.5KM-15KM /hour

Level 2
240V 3.3KW-6.6KW

18-40KM /hour

Level 3
DC Fast Charger

70KM/ 10 minutes or 420KM/hour

electric car charging station australia

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